Channel NameInformation
. Buenos Aires City
This webcam offers a view from the Four Seasons Hotel located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The webcam gives an overview of the big main streat Av. de Julio.
. Elephant cam
Live cam positioned in the elephant area of Taronga ZOO in Sydney Australia. If you are lucky you will spot Asian Elephant calf Jai Dee!
. Melbourne City
This webcam offers a view from the Platinum apartments (Southbank) over the City of Melabourne, Austrlia.
. Sydney Harbour
Great webcam view of the Sydney Harbour with the Sydney Opera House, Circular Quay (birthplace of Australia 1788) with CBD behind, The Rocks and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
. Sao Paulo Airport
Live view of the runway of GRU airport located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Air Traffic radar is displayed in the webcam view.
. Calgary Memorial Park
Webcam view over the Central Memorial Park, located in central Calgary's Beltline district In Calgary, Alberta
. Calgary Skyline
This webcam is located in the centre of Calgary, Alberta. The camera is provided by DELTATECH.
. Confederation Bridge
This webcam offers a view of the large Confederation Bridge. The Confederation Bridge joins the eastern Canadian provinces of Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick, making travel throughout the Maritimes easy and convenient. Media Player is required to watch this stream.
. Port Quebec
Impressive webcam view of the port of Quebec. At the background you can see La Basilique-Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Quebec
. Hvar beach
Nice webcam view over Hvar beach. Hvar is an Island (oposit of Spit) in the Adriatic sea.

. Willemstad
Nice view from the Brion City Hotel located at the harbour of Willemstad.
. Prague Airport
Live webcam view from the head of the Vaclav Havel Airport Prague Runway. Air traffic communication is included.
. Santa Clause Village
Live webcam transmission from the "Office" of Santa Claus on the Arctic circle from the magical Lapland, Finland (Arctic Circle). Santa Claus Office is located in Santa Claus Village, Arctic Circle Rovaniemi. You can reach Rovaniemi by plane, by train, or by bus. The bus number 8 drives from city center to the Arctic Circle. From airport it takes around five minutes by taxi.
. Zero Point Levi
Webcam view of the Levi Ski Resort in Lapland. The webcam is located on the zero point. Levi provides good selection of services for both beginners and experienced skiers. Freeskiers and snowboarders can enjoy the kilometer-long South Park.
. Sacre Coeur
Live webcam view of the famous Sacre Coeur de Montmartre in Paris.
. St-Barth Airport
Spectacular webcam view of the Gustaf III Airport, also known as Saint Barthelemy Airport, Remy de Haenen Airport. This is a public use airport located in the village of St. Jean on the Caribbean island of Saint Barth.
. Earth TV
EarthTV owns and operates the largest broadcast camera network around the globe and is the producer of the THE WORLD LIVE television program. The digital production company is based in Berlin and is specialized in the capture and storage of images from around the world and producing 300 short programs every day in 10 different languages aired across 30 TV channels based in 20 countries.
. Dusseldorf Airport
This is a webcam providing a view of outside of the gates. This is where the airplanes are docking to load and unload cargo as wel as passengers. At night the area is visible as well.
. Eger Doboter
This webcam is located at the centre of Eger (often called: the Baroque Pearl of Europe. Dobo is the main square of the historical town, surrounded by Baroque houses and St. Anthony's Church. Other historic buildings nearby include the Cathedral and the Lyceum.

. Reykjanes - Grindavik
.Live view of the Grindavik and the Reykjanes peninsula area. The camera is positioned on �orbj�rn mountain.

. Gaza skyline
Live views over the city of Gaza.
. Jeruzalem Prayer Plaza
Live cameras of the Western Wall, Jerusalem - The prayer plaza.
. Campo Santa Maria
Live Webcam View of Dorsoduro from Hotel American Dinesen. Dorsoduro is the university area of Venice.
. Etna Volcano
Multiple webcams showing live monitoring of volcanoes and earthquakes 24/7 - worldwide. ETNA volcano and various other volcanos. The Etna volcano is an active stratovolcano on the east coast of Sicily, Italy, in the Metropolitan City of Catania.
. Ponte delle Guglie
Nice view of the Canal of Cannaregio and Guglie Bridge. The webcam is posisioned in the Hotel Filu Venezia.
. Venice Rialto Bridge Venice
This webcam offered by the hotel Palazzo Bembo gives a great view of the famous Rialto Bridge in Venice Italy.
. Venice St. Mark's Basin
This webcam, offered by the hotel a Tribute to Music, gives a great view of the famous St. Mark's Basinin Venice Italy.
. Aomori Airport
Live camera postioned at the gates of Aomori Airport, Japan.
. Aso Volcano
This is a webcam with a view of the Volcano (mount Aso) located at Aso in the Kumamoto Prefecture. When the webcam is not available it may be possible that images of the roof of the Aso volcano museum will be shown. The webcams are made available by RKK, an official partner channel of Kumamotohoso. As soon it gets dark outside it IS dark.
. Mount Fuji
Nice webcam view of the famous Mount Fuji. The webcam is located at the side of Shimizu Port in the city of Shizuoka
. Obihiro Airport
Webcam view of the Tokachi-Obihiro Airport.
. Osaka Airport
Very nice webcam with a split-screen view of the Oakaka International Airport. You also hear the sound of communications between tower and airplanes.
. Osaka skyline
Nice view of the skyline of Osaka. Osaka is a major financial center of Japan. The webcam shows the center of Osaka.
. Shibuya Crossing
Shibuya Scramble Crossing, is a popular scramble crossing located in Shibuya, Tokyo. It is situated in front of the Shibuya Station.
. Taito-ku Crossing
Live camera in Taito-ku, Tokyo, Ozeki Yokocho intersection (in front of Minowa station).
. Tokyo City
Webcam located at the Tokyo Tower at an altitude of 200 meters. Nice view of the Tokyo city. The camera has an automated head swinging function.
. Safari cams
Live cameras from Namibia (Namib Dessert) and Kenya (al Donyo Lodge).
.Korea, South
. Center of Seoul
Webcam view over the center of Seoul, The capital of South-Korea. The camera is positioned in a way you can overview a part of Gwanghwamun Center.
. Popocatepetl Volcano
Live webcam of the Popocatepetl volcano, located 70 km southeast of Mexico City. The volcano has an altitude of 5426 meters.
. Amsterdam Centraal
This webcam offers a nice view of the square in front of the trainstation Amsterdam Centraal.
. Amsterdam de Dam
The Amsterdam de Dam webcam is installed at the Dam Square. The Dam lies in the historical center of Amsterdam, about 750 meters south of the Centraal Station.

. Coolsingel
Live overview of the Coolsingel in Rotterdam.
. Groningen grote markt
This is a webcam located at the Grote Markt in Groningen. It gives a view not only of the Grote Markt, but also of the Martinitoren and the Waagstraat. Temporarily view of Mercado.
. Railcrossing Mierlo
Webcam view of the road and rail cossing Mierlo-Hout in Brabant, The Netherlands.
. Rotterdam Erasmusbrug
Live view of the famous Erasmus Bridge of Rotterdam. In addition to the Willemsbrug, the Erasmus Bridge is the second bridge across the Nieuwe Maas in the center of Rotterdam. It is named after the Dutch priest and humanist Erasmus. The bridge connects the Kop van Zuid district with the center on the north side of the river.
. Scheveningen beach
This webcam offers a great view over the beach at the Scheveningen or the nearby Kijkduin. The stream is offered by
. Norway live
Norway live offers various webcam view from different cities included Mountains, fjords, coast and northern lights. 24 hours a day it shows unique places in Norway. In addition, live broadcasts come from sporting events, and spectacular expeditions minute by minute.
. Geirangerfjord
This webcam is situated at Geirangerfjord. Geirangerfjord is Norway's second largest cruise port. The Geirangerfjord is rated as the best preserved UNESCO World Heritage Site by National Geographic.
. Maloy
This webcam is located in the small village of Maloy. Maloy is situated about 100 miles North of Bergen. Maloy is a It is a landing place for ships on the Hurtigruten.
. Warsaw Railstation
Live webcam view of West Warsaw. The image is transmitted from one of the rooms at the office of the Railway Transport Office. Warszawa Zachodnia is the station with the largest number of trains stopping during the day - an average of 962 trains. Every day, about 41 thousand get in and out passengers.
. Funchal Madeira
Various webcam views of a moving and zooming webcam of Funchal, the Capital of the Island of Madeira.
. Lanzarote Airport
Nice webcam view of the runway at Lanzarote Aiport. 24/7 you can see large and small airplanes take off and land.
. Stockholm Skyline
Webcam positioned on the Dagens Nyheter Tower. It offers a nice panoramic view of the city of Stockholm. The camera is operated by MED Mediateknik.
. Rhine Falls
Moving panoramic webcam views of the Rhine Falls. The falls are located near the German Border in Laufen-Uhwiesen.
. Verbier Place Centrale
This webcam offers a live view of the central townsquare of Verbier, Switserland. Verbier is a well know ski resort.
. Taipei Skyline
Webcam located in the center of the Capital of Taiwan, Taipei. The cam is posioned at the top of Xiangshan.
. Koh Samui
Live webcams from Koh Samui Island. In and arround Murphys, Galaxy Cabaret, Sweet Soul Cafe, Bondi Hotel and Lamai Walking street.
. Koh Samui
Live webcams lacated at Koh Samui at the Bondi Chaweng Beach Road.
. Kiev webcams
The Maidan live webcam offers live views from the Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kiev (Kyjiv), the central square of Kiev located at Khreshchatyk Street. At the moment there are various live streams from different parts of the Urkaine shown.
.Un. Arab Em.
. Makkah
Makkah or Mecca Live offers multiple webcam views located in the heart of Makkah. Makkah (the birthplace of Muhammad), is a city in the Hejaz and is the capital of Makkah Province in Saudi Arabia.
.Un. Kingdom
. York Station
Webcam covering the north end of York station in the city of Yorkshire. The webcam is made possible by The Crewe Heritage Centre.
. Las Vegas
This webcam offfers a view from the Aerie Store. The store is located at the Las Vegas Blvd. The camera moves in various directions.
. 5-way traffic
This webcam offered by Sharx Security shows a great view of a 5-way traffic circle. It is located in Derry New Hampshire.
. Atlantic City boardwalk
Live view of the Atlantic City boardwalk. The boardwalk is located at the cross-street of Tennessee Avenue and runs to Pennsylvania Avenue.
. Chicago Airport
Live webcam view (takeoff and landing) of Midway International Airport in Chicago.
. Chicago Skyline
Live webcam gives a nice view of the Chicago Skyline. The webcam is placed on the roof of the Axis Chicago Experience Center located 13 miles from the city center.
. Cleveland Skyline
City broad webcam view of the skyline of Cleveland, Ohio. The webcam is placed at a water crib a few miles from Cleveland.
. Durango
Webcam view from serveral Snapshot cameras that are located in historic Durango, Colorado USA, where the Southwest meets the Old West! Durango is nestled in the Animas River Valley surrounded by the San Juan Mountains. The Animas River runs through downtown and boasts gold medal fly fishing waters, and is popular for whitewater rafting, kayaking and tubing.
. Florida, Hollywood beach
Live views of the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk in Hollywood, Florida. The historic Broadwalk is a 2.5 mile promenade lined with shops, restaurants and oceanfront hotels that runs along the beach in Hollywood, Florida. You can see live views of the FlowRider at Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort and people biking, jogging, dining and strolling along the Broadwalk.
. Houston City
Great view of the Center of Houston Texas. The webcam is offered by the TV station ABC13 Houston.
. Kitten Academy
Lovely webcam located in the Kitten Academy located in Connecticat. The kitten Academy is a place where they are trying to help rescued cats get adopted by loving homes.
. La Plata Station
Webcam view of the la Plata railway station in Missouri. The webcam is provide by virtual railfan.
. NY Brooklyn Bridge
Webcam located at the top of the St. George Tower in Brooklyn. The cam give a beautiful view of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge.
. NY Bryant Park
Webcam with view of the Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. The view is from the southwest corner of the New York Public Library, this feed shows the Upper.
. NY Manhatten Skyline
Nice webcam view of lower Manhatten, New York with the WTC building at the right side.
. NY Times Square
This is a webcam located at Times Square, the major commercial intersection in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue. It is stretching from West 42nd to West 47th Streets.
. Polar Bear Cam
Live webcam placed in the Polar Bear area of Kansas City ZOO.
. Port Huron River
Webcam view of the Port Huron River. Port Huron is a city in the U.S. state of Michigan and the county seat of St. Clair County. The camera will operate on a Tour of Presets until a ship passes. At that time if an operator is available they will pan and zoom the camera.
. San Francisco Skyline
Moving webcam from the San Francisco skyline. The webcam is presented by the Mersea Restaurant. on Treasure Island.
. Shelter Island
Webcam view of the south ferry (shelters Island) on The Hamptons, part of the East End of Long Island. When this webcam is turned of it shows the City Center.

. Venice Beach
Live view of Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California from the Venice V Hotel.
. Washington The Capitol
Capitol Webcam is a webcam located near the US capitol, atop Capitol Hill, in Washington D.C. The Caitol is the seat of the United States Congress, the legislative branch of the U.S. federal government. The webcam is provided by the United States Senat.
.CAM: Eagle CAM
Spectacular HD webcam view from above a bald Eagle Nest in South West Florida.
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