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wwiTV in the news:

Wegener dagbladen (NL) - Dec 6, 1997
"WWITV van Frank Huisman biedt keus uit tientallen tv- en radiostations."

Fortune (USA) - Oct 9, 2000
Life in the fast lane A guide to the Internet's best broadband destinations. "wwitv.com Live TV from around the world."

Guardian Unlimited (UK) - Oct 25, 2001
"Another key site is wwiTV.com", portal that offers live streaming of over 300 channels from around the world."

Planet Download (NL) - Apr 9, 2003
"Nu nog even wat zenders zoeken: wwiTV.com biedt je de keus uit Windows Media Player en Real streams, en heeft maar liefst 644 streams (waarvan 274 breedband) in de aanbieding."

Wired News (USA) - Jul 15, 2003
"Internet portal wwiTV lists 3,000 live and archived television and radio feeds from every part of the world"

Intermediar (NL) - May 19, 2005
"Via wwitv.com bijvoorbeeld, kun je afstemmen op tvstations van Albanie tot Zimbabwe."

HCC Magazine (NL) - May 27, 2005
"Op wwitv.com vind je een overzicht van honderden tv-kanalen die via internet te bekijken zijn."

LA Times (USA) - Sep 11, 2005
about Hurricane Catharina: "It was much more intense, more frightening than watching CNN," said Huisman, who created the World Wide Internet TV site (www.wwitv.com), a global directory of more than 1,000 broadcast, cable and Web-only channels that stream onto the Internet."

Chip Online (DE) - Mar 14, 2006
"Wenn Sie sich selbst einen - allerdings schwachen Eindruck - von der Zukunft des Fernsehens machen wollen, sollten Sie sich auch `mal auf www.wwitv.com umtun."

Excite Magazine (IT) - May 22, 2006
"Si chiama World Wide Internet Tv ed e un sito che mette a disposizione sulla rete i link di 478 stazioni televisive di tutto il mondo."

PCToday (USA) - June 2006
"If you're looking for a local station, check the directory at wwiTV. This site lists channels from all over the world that offer live or recorded television programming."

3Sat (DE) - Oct 27, 2006
"WWITV - sehr gute Ubersichts-Seite uber IPTV-Kanale"

Algemeen Dagblad (NL) - Nov 8, 2006
"Via deze website stapt u de wondere wereld van de mondiale televisie binnen."

BBC News (UK) - Nov 27, 2006
"WWITV lists hundreds of global TV stations that broadcast online, from Albania to Zimbabwe"

Telegraph (UK) - Dec 9, 2006
"Internet TV on your PC, and you can get that for free from websites like wwitv.com."

Virgin Media (UK) - Jan 16, 2007
"wwiTV - Web TV from all around the world."

WDR TV (DE) Jan 29, 2007
"Was guckt die Welt? Wer dieses Portal ansteuert, kann aus uber 2.200 Fernsehsendern aus aller Welt auswahlen und live vis Internet fernsehen. Alles live ins Internet eingespeiste Programme."

Webuser Magazine (UK) Mar 15, 2007
Verdict about wwiTV.com: "More than 2,300 channels and a good range of subjects make this the best place to start."

PCM (NL) - Aug 10, 2007
"wwiTV staat voor World Wide Internet TeleVision. Het is een startpagina of noem het een afstandsbediening met voor elk land een of meerdere knopjes."

Macworld (USA) - Sept 24, 2007
"wwiTV (World Wide Internet TeleVision) is one of the better implementations of this type of video stream."

ZDNet News (USA) - Oct 17, 2007
Watching TV on the laptop--and on the cheap: "Another site was a real find, wwiTV. It had a long list of countries and categories to choose from to watch live TV Webcasts."

Bild (DE) - Oct 2, 2008
Die beliebtesten Internetseiten: Wwitv steht für World Wide Internet Television, also weltweites Internetfernsehen. Hier finden Sie eine Sammlung von mehr als 2.600 TV-Sendern aller Länder, die ihr Programm über das Internet ausstrahlen.

Times Online (UK) - Nov 24, 2008
Meanwhile, over at wwiTV.com is the motherlode of worldwide TV on the net, with stations listed by country, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

The New York Times / The Boston Globe (USA) - Jan 28, 2009
I See IPTV on a PC: Even without a dedicated IPTV service, it's also possible to find TV streams from around the world to watch with a Web browser. The World Wide Internet TV site has links to thousands of stations at wwitv.com/portal.htm.

The Washington Times (USA) - Feb 9, 2009
KELLNER: TV available without signals - Many other cable networks offer some or all of their programming online. Religious stations and networks seem to lead the way here, although the World Wide Internet Television Web site, wwitv.com, which I discovered when U.S. Airways Flight 1549 landed safely in New York's Hudson River, lists hundreds of local stations and global networks offering streaming video as well.

CNN (USA) - April 28, 2010
Worldcup Soccer - In many countries such mobile access will be limited, says Frank Huisman of Dutch provider World Wide Internet TV. "There is a chance, however, that FIFA will broadcast this event on their official site like UEFA did with the European Championships two years ago," Huisman told CNN."In that case it depends on the country you live in whether you will get access or not. The broadcasting rights of this event are very well-protected.

Economic Times (India) - April 17, 2013
Live TV News - If you have a fast enough broadband connection, you can watch live streaming news video, right in your web browser. http://wwitv.com provides a list of channels from around the world.

Techradar (UK) - Feb 14, 2014
One such service is WWITV, which boasts a database of over 3,000 channels from all around the world. Simply select a country and then select a channel from the list. An entry of 'on site' in the Stream column indicates that you'll be connected to the broadcaster's site rather than watching on WWITV.

Westfalische Nachrichten (Germany) - Jan 16, 2015
Von Katar bis Rumanien: Live-TV aus aller Welt. Berlin (dpa/tmn) - Wer exotische Fernsehsender aus aller Welt empfangen will, braucht eine Satellitenschussel auf dem Dach. Ein Internetanschluss tut es in vielen Fallen aber auch.

New York Times (USA) - Feb 20, 2016
Do they still make USB television tuners for Mac? I can't seem to find any that work in this country. What are other options for cord-cutters and people without TVs to watch live television on a Mac. Finding Ways to Get Live TV on a Mac - Websites that collect live streams from television stations worldwide (like wwiTV.com) can be another source of content.

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