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New TV channels
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A2 (SQ)
A2 is a 24/7 news TV channel. The news channel was founded in 2018. The headquarter is based in Tirana. The new TV station, A2, aims to increase the standards of production and distribution of news, to change the media reality in Albania, providing a quick, deep, accurate and reliable source of information.
C5N (ES)
C5N is a 24/7 News TV channel. The channel was founded by entrepeneur and journalist Daniel Hadad in 2007. The headquarter of C5N is located in Buenos Aires.
RTV Slon (BS)
TV Slon is a local commercial television channel based in Tuzla. The program of TV Slon is broadcast every day from 16 to 23 hours via cable networks (and Internet) and it is mainly produced in Bosnian language.
TV 8 Mont Blanc (FR)
TV 8 is a local TV from channel based in Sévrier serving the Mont Blanc region. It is providing programs including Entertainment, Sports, News, Local Information, Nature & Environment, and Leisure and lifestyle.
Suvarna News TV (KN)
Suvarna News TV is a Kannada News Channel. It started under the group of Asianet News Network. Asianet News Network is a Jupiter Venture. The TV channel was launched in 2008.
TV Edukasi (ID)
TV Edukasi is a TV channel for educational learning. Students can take advantage of the video-based learning media that we present to air anytime, anywhere with internet facilities.
Earthquake warning (JA)
BSC 24 delivers information on natural disasters in real time, centering on earthquake information (earthquake eruption abnormal weather etc.)
1 TV (KK)
1 TV is a general TV channel. It was founded in 1997. The channel is based in Astana. Over 50 percent of the programs is produced by 1 TV.
.CAM: Geiranger (-)
Webcam view from the Hotel Union Geiranger located at a beautiful fjord located in de midwest part of Norway.
DZRH News (EN)
DZRH News is an independent News TV channel, based in Pasay City , Manilla. It is a broadcasting Company that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It offers news, sometimes from within their Radio Studio.
Sri Lanka
Hiru TV (SI)
Hiru TV is abrand of the Asia Broadcasting Corporation Private limited, a member of Rayynor Silva holdings. Its programme content includes: Teledramas, International TV Series, Music, Movies, Documentaries, Entertainment, Political, Children's Programmes and News. The headquarter is based in the world Trade Center, Colombo. The channel first aired in 2012.
Watania 2 (AR)
Watania 2 firmer Télévision Tunisienne 2 is a Tunisian television channel, formerly known as Canal 21. The television station started broadcasting on November 7, 1994. The headquarter of Watania is based in Tunis.
TRT 2 (TR)
TRT 2 (former 2. Kanal) was founded in 1986. The headquarter is based in Istanbul. Although TRT 2 used to transmit news, nowadays it mainly broadcasts entertainment, chat & documentary programs.
TRT Kurdi (KU)
TRT Kurdi (formerly TRT 6) is the first Turkish TV channel broadcasting in the Kurdish language. The channel began broadcasting in 2009.
Un. Arab Em.
Al Arabiya (AR)
Arabic news channel from Dubai. Al Arabiya based in Dubai Media City, United Arab Emirates and is partly owned by MBC. The channel was founded in 2003.
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