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New TV channels
Channel NameInformation
Cronica TV (ES)
Cronica TV is a news TV channel. It was founded in 1994. It claims to be the number one News TV channel of Argentina. The studios are located in Buenos Aires.
Television Shopping Network (TVSN) is an Australian home shopping channel. It is owned by parent company Direct Group, a home shopping company based in Sydney. TVSN began broadcasting in 1995. It is based inSydney. To watch it Media Player is requires.
Shoptime (PT)
Shoptime is a shopt TV channel that was founded in 2011. The channel offers products from Home and Comfort , Fun Kitchen and La Cuisine.
Z Televizija (HR)
Z1 started the TV adventure on September 13 2003. Z1 mainly reports about City events. The headquarter of Z1 Televizija is based in Zagreb
Obieqtivi (KA)
Obieqtivi was founded in 2010. According to various surveys, Obieqtivi carries out an anti-western, Turkophobic and homophobic editorial policy. The channel airs Russian language movies and stories with anti-western contents.
HCH Hable Como Hable is a News and Informative TV channel based in Tegucigalpa, the Capital of Honduras. HCH's vision is to break with the monopoly of media in Honduras.
K News (HI)
K News is a 24/7 Hindi News channel. The headquarter of K News is based in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.
News 18 (EN)
News 18 (former IBN) is a news station based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The English speaking channel was launched in 2005.
TV One News (ID)
TV One is an Indonesian privately owned (PT Visi Media Asia) National News Television Station based in East Jakarta. It was launched in 2002.
Citizen TV (EN)
Citizen TV is a national station in Kenya owned by Royal Media Services. It is broadcasting mostly in English and Swahili. The channel started broadcasting in 1999. The channel has a strong focus on local programming.
K24 TV (SW)
K24 TV was founded in 2007. It has a news and information progtamming. K24 focuses on audiences not only in Kenya but the entire East, Central and West African regions.
Korea, South
JTBC Golfchannel (KO)
JTBC (former (J Golf) is the Korean National Golf Channel. This TV channel is dedicated to the golf sports. It offers mainly golf lessons.
Biafra TV (EN)
Biafra TV is a TV station dedicated to reinstall the former state of the Republic of Biafra. The slogan of the channel is: Dedicated to the Defence of the Freedoms and Rights of Indigenous People Worldwide and in particular the Indigenous People of Biafra.
92 News (UR)
92 News is a 24/7 live news channel. The channel was founded in 2015. The headquarters of 92 News is based in Lahore, Punjab 92 News has reporters in more than 300 cities of Pakistan. Channel is owned by M/s Galaxy Broadcast (Pvt.) Ltd.
AAP News (UR)
AAP NEWS is an upcoming Pakistani Urdu News Channel. It is part of Aap Media Network. The channel offers News Headlines and Bulletins, Breaking News, News Packages and highly ranked current affairs programs.
.CAM: Warsaw Railstation (-)
Live view of West Warsaw. The image is transmitted from one of the rooms at the office of the Railway Transport Office. Warszawa Zachodnia is the station with the largest number of trains stopping during the day - an average of 962 trains. Every day, about 41 thousand get in and out passengers.
Puerto Rico
WIPR was the first educational television station in all of Latin America and the third in the United States. And it is the main workshop for Puerto Rican talent. Its educational and cultural programming entertains, informs and educates all audiences in a pleasant way.
Crimea 24 (RU)
Crimea 24 is a 24/7 news and information TV channel. It is focused on the Crimea region.
TVBS News (ZH)
TVBS is the first satellite TV channel in Taiwan. The TV channel was launched on 1 October 1995. It is the first 24-hour nationwide news channel to be launched in the country.
Watania 1 (AR)
Watania 1 is a free to are State owned and operated TV channel. The channel was founded in 1966. Watania 1 or The first national channel is a public service that seeks to meet the tastes and needs to express the political and cultural diversity of the Tunisian society.
Ekoturk (TR)
Ekoturk TV is Turkey's first domestic economy channel related to ecotourism. The headquarter of Ekoturk is based in Istanbul.
.CAM: 5-way traffic (-)
This webcam offered by Sharx Security shows a great view of a 5-way traffic circle. It is located in Derry New Hampshire.
.CAM: Houston City (-)
Great view of the Center of Houston Texas. The webcam is offered by the TV station ABC13 Houston.
.CAM: La Plata Railcrossing (-)
Webcam view of the railcrossing at La Plata, Missouri USA. The webcam is provide by virtual railfan.
.CAM: Peoria Bridge (-)
Webcam view overlooking the McClugage Bridge and the Illinois River in Peoria, Illinois. The webcam is offered by Journal Star.
.CAM: Port Huron River (-)
Webcam view of the Port Huron River. Port Huron is a city in the U.S. state of Michigan and the county seat of St. Clair County. The camera will operate on a Tour of Presets until a ship passes. At that time if an operator is available they will pan and zoom the camera.
.CAM: Reagan Airport (EN)
Live view of Reagan National Airport (DCA) in Washington, D.C., USA. The view is from the northwest of the airport.
Beauty IQ (EN)
Beauty IQ is part of the QVC Network (Quality Value Convenience) Beaty IQ was launched in 2016. Beauty IQ is female-oriented television channel based entirely on beauty products.
Cheddar News (EN)
Cheddar is a live business, media, technology, and financial news network broadcasting live daily from: The NYSE, Flatiron Building, DC, LA and around the world.
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