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TV Publica (ES)
TV Publica (former Canal 7) is a national TV channel. Public TV offers programmes, based on criteria of quality and balance of information, education and entertainment. Public TV is the first national television channel of the Argentina Republic and the first public channel in Latin America. It began broadcasting its signal on October 17, 1951.
Novo Tempo (PT)
Novo Tempo or Hope TV is the official television network of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It offers programs on wholistic Christian living and focuses of faith, health, relationships, and community.
. Eiffel Tower (-)
Live webcam view of the famous Eiffel Ttower. The Eiffel Tower selebrates it's 130th birthday. Must be spectacular view at the 2020 new year celebrations.
Welt (DE)
Welt is a News TV channel. The channel was founded in 2000 as N24. The headquarter is based in Berlin.
Awakening TV (EN)
Awakening TV is a spiritual TV channel. The headquarter of Awakening TV is based in Shantivan, Talahati.
WION News (EN)
WION (The World Is One News), examines global issues with in-depth analysis. WION News provides much more than the news of the day. Their aim to empower people to explore their world. The headquarter is based inNew Delhi.
VOA Persia (FA)
VOA Persia or the Voice of America-Persian News Network is a broadcasting Network funded by the United States Government. The first program was aired in 1994.
. Mount Fuji (-)
Nice webcam view of the famous Mount Fuji. The webcam is located at the side of Shimizu Port in the city of Shizuoka
. Rotterdam Erasmusbrug (-)
Live view of the famous Erasmus Bridge of Rotterdam. In addition to the Willemsbrug, the Erasmus Bridge is the second bridge across the Nieuwe Maas in the center of Rotterdam. It is named after the Dutch priest and humanist Erasmus. The bridge connects the Kop van Zuid district with the center on the north side of the river.
Canal 9 SNT (ES)
SNT ort Sistema Nacional de Television is the first Television channel in Paraguay. The station was founded in 1965. The headquarter is based in Asuncion.
Unicanal (ES)
Unicanal (former Assumption Cable TV4) is owned by the JBB group. The TV channel was founded in 1989. The headquarter of Unicanal is based in Asuncion.
Saudi Arabia
Saudi 1 - KSA1 (AR)
Saudi TV Channel 1 (KSA 1) is a news and entertainment TV channel. It is based in Riyadh. It offers cultural, political, and economic issues and it showings religious programmes and Islamic rituals.
. Taipei Skyline (-)
Webcam located in the center of the Capital of Taiwan, Taipei. The cam is posioned at the top of Xiangshan.
A Haber (TR)
A Haber is a private News TV channel. It was founded in 2011. It was Turkey's first TV channel broadcasting in High Defenition.
A News (EN)
A Newsr is a private News TV channel. It is the English speaking sister News TV channel from A Haber. It was founded in 2011. The headquarter is based in Istanbul.
CNN Turk (TR)
CNN Türk is the Turkish version of the popular cable news channel CNN. CNN Türk is a nationwide channel and is broadcasting since, 1999. It has its headquarters in Istanbul.
. Kiev webcams (-)
The Maidan live webcam offers live views from the Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kiev (Kyjiv), the central square of Kiev located at Khreshchatyk Street. At the moment there are various live streams from different parts of the Urkaine shown.
1+1 Television (UK)
1 + 1 is a national Ukrainian-language TV channel, one of the leaders in domestic TV production and the favorite channel of millions of Ukrainian viewers. The video portal provides various live TV channels.
Kanal Dom (UK)
Kanal dom provides news and information working for the objective information of Ukrainians who find themselves in difficult humanitarian conditions in the east and south of Ukraine. Dom began broadcasting on March 1, 2020.
Novyny Live (UK)
Novyny TV is a news and information channel bringing exclusive information about events in Ukraine and the world. Novyny is based in Kiev. Novyny TV claims offer truthfulness, impartiality and respect for their audience.
Odessa Online (UK)
Normally Odessa Online provides various webcams from Odessa. Because of the Russian invasion in the Ukraine the webcams are taken offline. At the moment Odessa Online provides News programming related to the current situation in the Ukraine.
RADA Parliament (UK)
The Rada Parliamentary TV Channel broadly covers the course of plenary sessions, the activities of all parliamentary factions and parliamentary groups, as well as the work of Verkhovna Rada Committees, which consider draft laws and analyze the implementation of adopted laws in economic, social and cultural spheres. In addition, the Rada TV channel creates a large number of author's programs of political, economic, social, historical and cultural orientation.
Skrypin (UK)
Skrypin is a Ukrainian digital broadcaster. The Internet TV channel was created by Ukrainian journalist Roman Skrypin in 2016 after Skrypin's withdrawal from Public Television.
UA|TV - Inomovlennya of Ukraine. UATV is the Ukrainian state foreign language broadcaster providing international audiences with news from Ukraine in a range of languages. This TV station is fincanced by the Ukrainian Government.
UKR Live (UK)
UkrLive is a closed pro-Russian Ukrainian information TV channel. The TV channel started broadcasting at the end of 2019. The headquarter is based in Kiev.
Y24 English (EN)
Ukraine 24 is a nationwide information and analytical TV channel for the creation of which the consolidated capabilities of all the assets of Media Group Ukraine. The TV channel is always frank with the viewer 24/7 and objectively reports only honest news.
Un. Kingdom
CGTN Europe (EN)
China Global Television Network, or CGTN was founded in 2016. The European headquarter is based in London. The TV channel features and analysis on current affairs, as well as shows on business, science and technology.
. Skyline San Francisco (-)
Moving webcam from the San Francisco skyline. The webcam is presented by the Mersea Restaurant. on Treasure Island.
.CAM: Eagle CAM (-)
Spectacular HD webcam view from above a bald Eagle Nest in South West Florida.
News 12 (EN)
News 12 is a local News Network, providing local news coverage 24-hours a day. News 12 is based in New York City. The Network was founded in 1986 and is owned by Newsday Media Holdings.
SonShine Satellite Network (EN)
SonShine Satellite Network is a Christian TV channel based in Talladega County, Alabama.
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