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TV channels from Egypt
Channel NameInformation
. Alhayah 1 TV (Arabic)Alhayah 1 TV is part of the Alhayah TV satellite network that was founded in 2003. Alhayah TV is critical regarding Islam and the Prophet Mohammed.
. Alhayah 2 TV (Arabic)Alhayah 2 TV is part of the Alhayah TV satellite network that was founded in 2003. Alhayah TV is critical regarding Islam and the Prophet Mohammed.
. ATV Sat (Arabic)ATV Sat is a Christian channel. Its purpose is to connect with Christians in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, America and Canada through the ministry of THE WAY TV.
. CBC (Arabic)CBC is a satellite TV channel that started broadcasting in July 2011. The -general entertainment free-to-air channel- is owned by Mohamed Al-Amin. It broadcasts general entertainment, drama and political talk shows, and also popular political satires.
. CBC Drama (Arabic)CBC Drama is the second TV channel to join the CBC Satellite group. It began broadcasting in 2011 with the start of the Ramadan. It is one of the most powerful Egyptian drama channels. Channel provides Egyptian Drama Classics and the best Turkish soap operas, which received the highest rates seen in Turkey.
. CBC Extra News (Arabic)CBC Extra is a channel that is specializing in live coverage of events and current affairs. For lovers of Arab and international developments, the channel is keen to cover the most important Arab and international issues, especially issues affecting the Egyptian affairs from near or far.
. CBC Sofra (Arabic)CBC Sofra (english traveling) is a TV channel dedicated to the culinary arts. The channel broadcasts 24 hours a day and broadcasts for Egypt and the Arab world. The channel offers cooking trips to different food dishes in an exciting and entertaining way with a group of professional chefs. The mission is to build a cultural bridge between different communities both inside and outside Egypt.
. DMC TV (Arabic)DMC TV is a satellite TV channel (Channel dmc Frequency: 11449 Horizontal correction coefficient). It offers mainly talkshows, news and entertainment.
. Dream TV (Arabic)Dream TV a satellite television channel. The headquarter is based of Media Production City. The channel was founded in 2001. Dream TV provides cultural programming, news analysis, and a is platform for talk shows.
. El Balad TV (Arabic)El Balad TV was founded after the revolution in 2011. The channel is owned by Mohammed Abul-Enein of the Cleopatra Group. El Balad TV offers three TV channels which offer News and Entertainment.
. ME Sat (Arabic)ME Sat is the official sat-channel of The Christian Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt. The foundational roots of the Coptic Church are based in Egypt, but it has a worldwide following.
. Nile TV Int. (Arabic)Nile TV International is a State TV channel. The channel was launched in 1994 and it's based in Cairo, the Capital of Egypt. The channel focuses on news related issues regarding culture, touristis, economics and artistics.
. ON Live HD (Arabic)ONTV-Live is a pan-Arab news TV channel. The channel was launched by Hawa Ltd. In 2011 and is a sister network of ONTV. It is offering the latest news on a daily basis. The news covers all that is happening on the scene of the Egyptian and Arab events and scenes in all political issues, social, economic and cultural sports. The headquarters is located in Cairo.
. ON TV Drama (Arabic)ON Network is an Egyptian 'Free-to-air' group of channel broadcasting out of Cairo, Egypt. ON TV Drama offers TV series.
. Sat 7 (Arabic)Sat 7 is a satellite TV network offering four different TV channels. It's mission is to provide the churches and Christians of the Middle East and North Africa an opportunity to witness to Jesus Christ through inspirational, informative, and educational television services.
. Ten TV (Arabic)Ten TV is an Egyptian channel. TeN stands for a platform that is objective, professional and thoughtful in an attractive and exciting manner according to the latest media technologies. The channel aims to offer an "alternative medium" that works towards enlightenment and creating a state of public awareness.
Egypt Broadcast info (source - CIA WFB):
mix of state-run and private broadcast media; state-run TV operates 2 national and 6 regional terrestrial networks as well as a few satellite channels; about 20 private satellite channels and a large number of Arabic satellite channels are available via subscription; state-run radio operates about 70 stations belonging to 8 networks; 2 privately owned radio stations operational (2008)
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