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TV channels from China
Channel NameInformation
. CCTV 1 (Chinese)China Central Television or Chinese Central Television, commonly abbreviated as CCTV, is the predominant state television broadcaster. CCTV-1 is a free-to-air terrestrial television channel. It has a mixture of all kinds of television programs.
. CCTV 4 (Chinese)CCTV 4 is serving Chinese speaking people from overseas. CCTV 4 contains a variety of programs including documentaries, music, news, drama series, sports and children shows.
. CCTV Arabic (Arabic)CCTV Arabic is a Arabic language entertainment and news channel of China Central Television (CCTV) originating in the People's Republic of China. Programming consists of News, Economical updates, Documentaries and Chinese-Arabic related issues.
. CCTV Espanol (Spanish)CCTV-E is a Spanish language entertainment and news channel of China Central Television (CCTV) originating in the People's Republic of China.
. CGTN news (English)CGTN news, China Central Television (former CCTV 9) is a 24/7 news TV channel in the English language. CGTN is a government operated national TV broadcaster based in Beijing.
. DHTV Financial (Chinese)Wenzhou News Network is based in Wenzhou City, provincie Zhejiang. DHTV Financial offers a variety of programs including financial news.
. Kanka News (Chinese)Kanka News or See News Network is Shanghai's Radio and Television News Network. The station airs news and current affairs.
. NBS (Chinese)This channel is located in Nanjing. It offers local news programming.
. NTDTV (Chinese)NTDTV stands for New Tang Dynasty Television. The channel dirst aired in 2001 and is based in New York. Is mission is to promote uncensored information on China.
. SCTV 1 (-)TV channel from Sichuan. Various channels available on webite.
. WLTV (Chinese)WLTV is a general TV channel operated by the Xuzhou Radio and Television Media Group.
China Broadcast info (source - CIA World Factbook):
all broadcast media are owned by, or affiliated with, the Communist Party of China or a government agency; no privately owned TV or radio stations; state-run Chinese Central TV, provincial, and municipal stations offer more than 2,000 channels; the Central Propaganda Department lists subjects that are off limits to domestic broadcast media with the government maintaining authority to approve all programming; foreign-made TV programs must be approved prior to broadcast
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