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TV channels from Switzerland
Channel NameInformation
. CAM: Lausanne (-)Nice view of the Place de la Palud. This part of Lausanne is one of the most picturesque of the city. The existence of market stairs is attested since the thirteenth century. Until the fourteenth century the old market was located below the Pierre Viret street. The webcame is provided by the community of Lausanne.
. La Tele (French)La Tele is a privatly owned TV channel. Their headquarter is based in Lausanne. The channel first aired in 2009. The channel provides regional news.
. Rouge TV (French)Rouge TV is an entertainment TV channel based in Lausanne, Switzerland. The channel broadcasts videoclips, movies, sitcoms . Rouge TV also broadcasts Marc Dorcel's erotic movies from thursday to sunday from midnight
. Schweiz 5 (German)Schweiz 5 is a Internet TV channel from Langenthal.
. Tele 1 (German)Tele 1 (founded in 2010) is a commercial regional TV channel based in Luzern and is owned by the Zentralschweizer Fernsehen. The channel provides mainly informative programming.
. Tele Zuri (German)Tele Zuri is local privat TV channel for the city of Zurich. The channel was founded in 1994 by lokal radio Pioneer Roger Schawinski. The headquarter is based in Zurich. Owner is AZ Medien AG.
. Telebasel (German)Telebasel is a regional television station in northwestern Switzerland. Its main studio is located in Basel and since 2004 there is a regional studio in Liestal. It offers a news, stock market updates, weather broadcasting, sports, culture and health programs.
Switzerland Broadcast info (source - CIA World Factbook):
the publicly owned radio and TV broadcaster, Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG/SSR), operates 7 national TV networks, 3 broadcasting in German, 2 in Italian, and 2 in French; private commercial TV stations broadcast regionally and locally; TV broadcasts from stations in Germany, Italy, and France are widely available via multi-channel cable and satellite TV services; SRG/SSR operates 18 radio stations that, along with private broadcasters, provide national to local coverage (2009)
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