TV channels from Slovenia
Channel NameInformation
. MMC TV (Slovenian)Radiotelevizija Slovenija is offering an Interactive Multimedia Portal with MMC TV.
. NOVA 24 TV (Slovenian)NOVA 24 TV is a news TV channel founded in 2016 by members of the Slovenian Democratic Party. The headquarter is based in Ljubljana.
. RTV SLO 1 (Slovenian)Radiotelevizija Slovenija is a general-interest television service with newscasts, feature films, documentaries, talk shows, series, children's programming, variety shows, and live coverage of significant national events.
. RTV SLO 2 (Slovenian)Radiotelevizija Slovenija offers programs generally aimed at narrower audiences, sitcoms, a wide range of live sports coverage.
. RTV SLO 3 (Slovenian)Radiotelevizija Slovenija specialized service dedicated to airing full unedited proceedings of the Slovenian Parliament and Committees live. It also features documentaries, interviews and news.
. TV Koper (Italian)TV Koper Capodistria is a bilingual, Slovene-Italian language television channel based in Koper, Slovenia. Mainly founded by state aids, the channel serves the Italian-speaking minority in Slovenia and Croatia.
. TV Maribor (Slovenian)TV Maribor or Tele M is a TV channel owned and operated by RTVSLO, Radiotelevizija Slovenija Television. Tele M is providing regional programming from the city of Maribor.
. TV Slovenija 3 (Slovenian)TV Slovenia 3 is a general TV channel offering objective and credible information from Slovenia and world news from the field of culture, sport and entertainment. It also launched the first interactive multimedia portal. The headquarter of TV SLO 3 is based in Ljubljana.
Slovenia Broadcast info (source - CIA WFB):
public TV broadcaster, Radiotelevizija Slovenija (RTV), operates a system of national and regional TV stations; 35 domestic commercial TV stations operating nationally, regionally, and locally; about 60% of households are connected to multi-channel cable TV; public radio broadcaster operates 3 national and 4 regional stations; more than 75 regional and local commercial and non-commercial radio stations (2017)
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