TV channels from Kazakhstan
Channel NameInformation
. 1 TV (Kazakh)1 TV is a general TV channel. It was founded in 1997. The channel is based in Astana. Over 50 percent of the programs is produced by 1 TV.
. Kazakh 24 TV (Kazakh)KAZAKH TV is the first national satellite television channel of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The channel began broadcasting in 2002. It offers programs in Russian, Kazakh, English and Kyrgyz.
Kazakhstan Broadcast info (source - CIA WFB):
the state owns nearly all radio and TV transmission facilities and operates national TV and radio networks; there are 96 TV channels, many of which are owned by the government, and 4 state-run radio stations; some former state-owned media outlets have been privatized; households with satellite dishes have access to foreign media; a small number of commercial radio stations operate along with state-run radio stations; recent legislation requires all media outlets to register with the government and all TV providers to broadcast in digital format by 2018; broadcasts reach some 99% of the population as well as neighboring countries (2018)
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