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TV channels from Hungary
Channel NameLive?Information
.Alfold TV (Hungarian)LiveAlfold TV is a general TV channel from Debrecen, the regional centre of the Northern Great Plain region and the seat of Hajdu-Bihar county. It offer a variety of programs including entertainment and infotainment.
.ATV (Hungarian)LiveATV Is a privatly owned TV channel founded as Magyar TV in 1989. It is headquartered in Budapest. The focus of programming is news, public life, current events.
.BPTV (Hungarian)LiveBPTV is a commercial TV channel from Budapest. The channel started broadcasting in 1995. Media Player is required to watch the online stream.
.CAM: Eger Doboter (-)LiveThis webcam is located at the centre of Eger (often called: the Baroque Pearl of Europe. Dobo is the main square of the historical town, surrounded by Baroque houses and St. Anthony's Church. Other historic buildings nearby include the Cathedral and the Lyceum.
.City TV (Hungarian)LiveCity TV is a local TV channel from the Inner City of Budapest. It offers news and city events as well as political debates and religious programs.
.Duna (Hungarian)LiveDuna is a television channel based in Budapest. It provides Entertainment, News, and series. Duna TV has a responsibility for international and Hungarian intellectual, cultural values and the Hungarian minority identity.
.Duna World (Hungarian)LiveDuna World (former Autonomy TV) is a public TV channel that was founded in 2010. It is based in Budapest. The TV channel provides Information, Culture, and Entertainment shows.
.Fehervar TV (Hungarian)LiveFehervar TV is a local TV station from Szekesfehervar, a city in central Hungary. The station is government-owned, but commercial. A combination that is quite rare.
.GYTV (Hungarian)LiveGYTV is a local TV channel from Gyongyos, a town in Heves county in Hungary, 80 km east of Budapes. The supervisory body is the National Media and Communications Authority based in Budapest.
.Halom TV (Hungarian)LiveHalom TV is a community TV channel for the city of Szazhalombatta and the region arround this city. It offers local news programming and entertainment.
.Kanizsa TV (Hungarian)LiveKanizsa TV (founded in 1985) is a local TV channel from Nagykanizsa. It broadcasts 24 hours a day of which 9 hours a day they offer structured program, and the remaining time advertising and teletext information service.
.Kapos TV (Hungarian)RecKapos TV is a local TV from Kaposvar Somogy County. The channel reports about Public life, economy, culture and sports. Every evening at seven o'clock the channel brings the latest news.
.Keszthely TV (Hungarian)LiveThis is a regiona TV Station broadcasting from the hart of the city Keszthely. In started broadcasting in 1985. It broadcast news, events and provides information about other national and international events every night.
.Kolcsey TV (Hungarian)RecKolcsey Public Television Company was founded in 1999 by the Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg County Council. It offers a variaty of programs.
.KTV (Hungarian)LiveKTV or Kecskemeti TV is a regional TV station from Kecskemeti, Bacs-Kiskun Province. It provides Culture and Sports programming.
.M1 TV (Hungarian)LiveM1 (M Egy) is a Hungarian television channel owned and operated by Magyar Televizio. The channel offers news, talk shows, breakfast shows, weather updates and sports.
.M2 TV (Hungarian)LiveM2 is owned and operated by Magyar Televízió. It broadcasts mainly children's programming. In order to watch it click on LÓ on the M2 Website.
.Minap TV (Hungarian)LiveMinap TV is a local TV channel from Miskolc. The channel was launched in 2004. The Minap news portal minap.hu which was founded before the TV channel, mainly offers, just like the TV channel, Miskolc related topics, but also national and foreign-related themes.
.Szolnok TV (Hungarian)RecSzolnok TV is a local TV station from Szolnok, Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok County. The channel provides programs including News, Sports, Information and Cultural programs.
.SZTV (Hungarian)LiveSZTV (Szombathelyi Televizió) is a local public TV station from Szombathely. It started broadcasting on air in 1989. In 2008 is went online on the Internet.
.TV Eger (Hungarian)RecTV Eger is a local TV channel based in Eger (a small city in the north of Hungary). TV Eger shows recorded news items.
.TVS (Hungarian)RecTVS or TV Varosi Salgotarjani is a local TV channel from Salgotarjan.
.Varosi TV (Hungarian)RecVarosi TV is a local TV Station from Szeged. It offers a 25 minute summary of the day in public life, political, academic, cultural and sporting events, issues affecting the population of the city.
.ZTV (Hungarian)LiveZTV is a local TV channel from Zalaegerszeg. Zalaegerszeg is the administrative center of Zala county in the West of Hungary. Zeg TV offers mainly local news and informative programming for the region of Zalaegerszeg.
Hungary Broadcast info (source - CIA World Factbook):
mixed system of state-supported public service broadcast media and private broadcasters; the 3 publicly owned TV channels and the 2 main privately owned TV stations are the major national broadcasters; a large number of special interest channels; highly developed market for satellite and cable TV services with about two-thirds of viewers utilizing their services; 3 state-supported public-service radio networks and 2 major national commercial stations; a large number of local stations including commercial, public service, nonprofit, and community radio stations; digital transition postponed to the end of 2014 (2007)
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