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New TV channels
Channel NameLive?Information
Afgfhan TV (PS)
LiveAfghan TV is the first private satellite TV channel in Afghanistan. The channel was founded in 2013. The main focus is to encourage and promote local talent, culture & music.
CN23 (ES)
LiveCN23 or Cultura y Noticias is founded in 2010 and based in Buenos Aires. It offers every day a number of News bulletins. It also provides cultural and political programming
Aghapi TV (AR)
LiveAghapy TV is the very first Coptic Orthodox Christian satellite channel. It aims to serve Christians worldwide. Through God's grace and divine providence, and through the prayers and support of His Holiness Pope Shenouda, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of Saint Mark, this desire was fulfilled as Aghapy TV began broadcasting on the 14th November 2005.
Africa 24 TV (FR)
LiveIn 2010, AFRICA 24 officially became the first global news channel on Africa and especially the most-watched satellite channel in Francophone Africa.
Euronews (France) (FR)
LiveEuronews is a European, multilingual news television channel, headquartered in Lyon-Ecully, France. Created in 1993, it claims to be covering world news from a Pan-European perspective.
AlMasar Aloula (AR)
LiveAlMasar Aloula is a non-commercial Arabic-language television channel dedicated primarily to providing news, information and coverage of events in the Middle East and the world. The first track offers a variety of programs, including Islamic dialogues, life, health, physical fitness, variety, sport, fashion, science and technology. The station aims to provide accurate, balanced and comprehensive news and aims to broaden the horizons of its viewers so that they can form opinions and make decisions based on correct information.
KAN 11 TV (HE)
LiveKAN 11 is a state-owned Israeli television channel founded in 2017. Yhe headquater is based in Jerusalem. Channel KAN produces various original shows.
KAN 33 TV (AR)
LiveKAN 33 is a state-owned Israeli television channel founded in 2017. KAN 33 replaced the former IBA channel 33. The Channel is dedicated primarily to Arab-speaking viewers.
Korea, South
KBS World 24 (KO)
LiveKBS World 24 is an International TV channel. It is based in Seoul. The channel was founded in 2003. The channel aimes at Koreans abroad. KBS World's TV programming is sourced from KBS's domestic television services. It mainly broadcast in Korean, but subtitles in English, Malay and Chinese are also provided.
Libya TV (AR)
LiveLibya TV is the first independent satellite channel broadcasting news and commentary about Libya for a Libyan audience with the aim of countering state propaganda and promoting dialogue.
Aaj News (UR)
LiveAaj news is a 24/7 news TV channel. It started broadcasting in 2005. The headquarter is based in Karachi. Aaj News provides news coverage from around the world in collaboration with their partner news sources in more than 100 countries.
PTV News (UR)
LivePTV News is a 24-hour state owned news channel. Pakistan Television News informs about the latest newsworthy happenings on the national and international levels.
Belsat TV (RU)
LiveBelsat TV is a satellite television channel aimed at Belarus. Belsat TV was founded in 2007. The headquarter is based in Warsaw (Poland). The channel broadcasts in Belarusian as well as Russian.
Ren TV (RU)
LiveREN TV is a large private federal TV channel. The channel started broadcasting in 1997. The headquarter is based in Moscow. The REN TV Network houses over 400 independent broadcasting companies.
Sri Lanka
TV 1 (SI)
LiveTV 1 is a Sri Lankan general entertainment television channel with English and Sinhalese spoken programs. The channel was founded in 1992. It is based in Colombo.
LiveCTS TV is a broadcasting and media company. The channel was founded in 1971 by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Defence. It broadcasts news, entertainment, public welfare programs and teaching programs.
Attessia TV (AR)
LiveAttessia tv is a general television channel, created by journalist Moez Ben Gharbia. Attessia offers variety shows, talk shows, TV shows and sports programs. The channel was founded in 2015. The headquarter is based in Tunis.
Tele 1 (TR)
LiveTELE 1 is well-known to be the voice and conscience of the whole country. Tele 1 was founded in 2016. The headquarter is based in Sariyer.
TRT World (EN)
LiveTRT World is the International oriented TV channel owned by the Sate owned Radio and Television Corporation. TRT World was launched in 2015. The TV channel claims to serve news from a humanitarian perspective./
TV Net (TR)
LiveTV Net is a news channel. It was founded in 2005 and started broadcasting under the name ATR. In 2007 it changed its name to TV Net. The channel is based in Istanbul.
Oboz TV (UK)
LiveOboz TV (eng. Observer) is a general TV channel. Oboz TV was founded in 2001. The channels main focus is on news occasions.
Jesus Kids TV Network (EN)
LiveJesus Kids TV Network was created for the children of the world with a vision to inspire, instruct, motivate and bless them with instructional teaching, music, bible stories, programs, and cartoons.
Televen (ES)
LiveTeleven is a privat Television network founded by Omar Camero Zamora. The network was founded in 1988. The headquarter is based in Caracas. Televen is the most watched channel on Venezuelan television.
TV Venezuela (ES)
LiveTV Venezuela is a TV channel based in Miami (USA). The mission of TV Venezuela is to bring a varied and entertaining programming, with Telenovelas, shows, Humor, Fashion, Sports, Reality, contests, news programs, opinion programs to Venezuelans residing in the United States.
LiveVPI TV is a news and media company that was founded in 2016. The channel reports about the current affair and is not operated by the government.
Almasirah TV (AR)
LiveAlmasirah (The Journey) is a information and news TV channel founded by the Ansarullah movement (Houthis). Almasirah TV was launched in 2012. The headquarter is based in Sana'a, Yemen.
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