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New TV channels
CountryChannel nameLInformation
USA (AL-CA) 2014-12-16
AZFamily Phoenix
AZFamily is a local news and information TV channel based in Phoenix. The channel offers local news, sports, traffic and weather, events, recipes, health tips and local business information.
Italy 2014-12-16
TG Norba 24
TG Norba 24 is a news TV channel owned by the Norba Group. The channel was launched in 2010. The news focuses on events in the south of Italy. The headquarter is based in Conversano in the province of Bari.
Finland 2014-12-14
Santa Clause
Live transmission from the "Office" of Santa Claus on the Arctic circle from the magical Lapland, Finland (Arctic Circle). Santa Claus Office is located in Santa Claus Village, Arctic Circle Rovaniemi. You can reach Rovaniemi by plane, by train, or by bus. The bus number 8 drives from city center to the Arctic Circle. From airport it takes around five minutes by taxi.
Ukraine 2014-12-05
Webcam: Donetsk
The Donetsk webcam is placed in the north-west of Donetsk (Kievskyi district), pointed towards Donetsk airport. The footage is provided by Ruptly, an International video news agency headquartered in Berlin. Launched in 2012 it is a part of the same media family as the Emmy-nominated RT.
Ukraine 2014-12-05
Maidan Live
Maidan Live is offered by The TV station offers a live broadcast from the Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kiev, the central square of Kiev located at Khreshchatyk Street.
Greece 2014-12-04
Dhras TV
Dhras TV is a Municipal Television channel based in Kos (a small Greek island of the group of the Dodecanese, next to the Gulf of Gokova/Cos). The channel mainly provides local informative programs related to the Island of Kos.
Greece 2014-12-04
Ena Channel
Ena Channel is a large regional channel of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace (a historical and geographic area in southeast Europe, centered on the modern borders of Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey).
Sweden 2014-12-04
Heaven TV 7
Heaven TV 7 (Swedish Himlen TV 7) is a Swedish-language TV broadcasting in Finland and Sweden. The channel is part of Heaven TV7 Media, a multichannel and -country media house with the Headquarter based in Helsinki. It is in its initial and strongly expansive phase.
France 2014-12-04
GrandLille TV
GrandLille is a local TV station from the city of Lille. It is the channel to find out what is happening in Lille. It is first of all a local news channel. GrandLille TV is also available on TNT (channel 21) and on Numeriicable (channel 18). The channel offers a newsflash every fifteen minutes, practical information, weather and short reports about culture, sports, politics and social events.
Turkey 2014-12-04
Akdeniz TV
Akdeniz is a national TV channel based in Antalya. It is owned by the Mediterranean Cruise Radio and Television Advertising Company. The slogan of the channel is: The Mediterrainean Screen.
Kuwait 2014-11-28
Funoon TV
Funoon TV is an Arabic-language comedy television channel. It was founded in 2006 and is based in Kuwait City. It was founded by the Kuwaiti actor Abdulhussain Abdulredha/ He is also the owner and director. It is the first Arabic-language television channel to specialise in the broadcast of comedy televsion.
Iceland 2014-11-15
RUV is the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service. The Televsion service was launched in 1966. RUV has TV studios in Reykjavik as well as in regional centres in the country. The channel offers a wide variety of programs including news, sports and entertainment.
Egypt 2014-11-13
CBC Drama
CBC Drama is the second TV channel to join the CBC Satellite group. It began broadcasting in 2011 with the start of the Ramadan. It is one of the most powerful Egyptian drama channels. Channel provides Egyptian Drama Classics and the best Turkish soap operas, which received the highest rates seen in Turkey.
Egypt 2014-11-13
CBC Sofra
CBC Sofra (english traveling) is a TV channel dedicated to the culinary arts. The channel broadcasts 24 hours a day and broadcasts for Egypt and the Arab world. The channel offers cooking trips to different food dishes in an exciting and entertaining way with a group of professional chefs. The mission is to build a cultural bridge between different communities both inside and outside Egypt.
USA 2014-11-08
CBS News
CBS News or CBSN is a 24/7 news TV channel part of the CBS network. The channel is launched on Nov 4th, 2014. The CBS network was founded in 1927. The headquarters is nased in Manhatten, New York. The channel is the first US news channel going exclusively online.
USA 2014-11-05
The Young Turks
TYT Network is a Multi-Channel Network of online video talk shows, consisting mostly of TYT owned-and-operated shows and a select group of outside partners. he flagship program in the network is The Young Turks, hosted by Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian. The Young Turks is the largest online news show in the world, covering politics, economics, pop culture, social trends and lifestyle.
USA 2014-10-29
Webcam: Polar Bear
The cams are located at Cape Churchill Cam, Wapusk National Park and are provided by Explore is a multimedia organization that champions the selfless acts of others. Both educational and inspirational, explore films cover topics from animal rights, health and human services, and poverty to the environment, education, and spirituality.
Greece 2014-10-29
Mega TV
Mega TV is a major TV network in Greece. It was the first private television station in Greece. The channel first aired in 1989. Mega's programming consists mainly of Greek programmes such as comedies, dramas, news, current affairs and entertainment shows. The studios of Mega TV are located in Athensi.
Hong Kong 2014-10-25
ONTV is a breaking News TV channel owned by the Oriental Press Group, based in Hong Kong. The channel provides the global Chinese community with the promptest, the richest and the most in-depth news content.
Germany 2014-09-29
Webcam: Dusseldorf Airport
This is a webcam providing a view of outside of the gates. This is where the airplanes are docking to load and unload cargo as wel as passengers. At night the area is visible as well.
Greece 2014-09-24
Nerit TV
Nerit TV is the state-owned and funded public broadcaster in Greece. The TV channel is the successor to the defunct Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT). It started its broadcasting on May 4, 2014. It offers a mix of (family oriented) programs.
India 2014-09-22
Reporter TV
Reporter is the first journalist driven 24x7 news channel in Malayalam. The TV channel brings the latest news updates from around the world. The Reporter Studio Complex HMT Colony (P O) is based in Kalamassery Kochi, Kerala. It also has an office in Dubai. Reporter has been on air since 11th May 2011.
India 2014-09-15
6 TV Telugu
6 TV is a 24x7 News & Current Affairs Channel in the Telugu language. The headquarters of TV 6 is located in Andhra Pradesh. 6 TV offers breaking news, live reports, exclusive interviews, sports, weather, entertainment, business updates and current affairs.
Afghanistan 2014-09-15
Ariana News
Ariana TV, shortened as ATN, is a privatly owned television network based in Kabul, Afghanistan. It was launched in 2005. Ariana TV is owned by an Afghan-American called Ehsan Bayat, who also owns AWCC. The mission of Ariana News is to bring Afghan News To the World.
Saudi Arabia 2014-09-15
Quran TV
Quran TV is a TV channel operated by the Ministry of Culture and Information. It offer Quran related religious programing as well as live webcam coverage of the Masjid al-Haram?, the Sacred Mosque or The Grand Mosque along with audio in Arabian of Quran passages.
Russian fed. 2014-09-10
TV Eda
TV Eda (English TV Food) is a cooking TV channel for foodies, novice experimenters and those whom cooking is a necessity. TV food enables to find new recipes in a easy and conventient way and makes it possible to cook with professional chefs. TV Eda provides recipes for every occasion: a regular lunch or a romantic dinner, morning coffee or breakfast in bed, festive cocktail party or a party, picnic, or a holiday for children.
Libya 2014-09-10
Al Nabaa News
Al Nabaa TV is a leading Satellite News TV channel that covers local and international News and Political programming. The channel claims it opens the door for every Libyan political spectrum, so that it becomes a national media platform and is able to break the monopoly of some other media.
Palestinia 2014-09-01
Palestine Today TV
Palestine Today TV is a news satellite TV channel. The TV channel was founded in 2010 and its headquerters is based in Beirut - Lebanon. The news programming is focusing on the Middle East.
Syria 2014-08-26
Orient News
Orient News (Previously known as Television al-Mashreq TV) is news TV channel owned by Ghassan Abboud, a Syrian businessman and journalist and an opposition figure to the Syrian Baath regime. The channel was founded in 2009 and currently based in Dubai, UAE. Orient News produces and airs newscasts, economic and business shows, and documentaries about Syria and its citizens.
Spain 2014-08-26
RTVCM is a local TV channel serving the region of Castilla-La Mancha, which is one of the largest regions in Spain. Its broadcast covers a population of Nearly two million people. RTVCM is a publicly owned corporation belonging to the
Argentina 2014-08-26
Diario Canal 26
Diario Canal 26 is a news cable channel operated by Grupo Telecentro. The channels headquarter is based in Capital Federal. The TV channel offers primarily news-oriented programs, with programs based on news and current affairs.
Ukraine 2014-08-25
1 TV Crimea
The State broadcaster TV Crimea or STRC Crimea was established in 1959. The headquarter is based in Simferopol. TV Crimea is unique in its kind given the specificity of the multi-ethnic region it carries out its broadcasting in seven languages: Ukrainian, Russian, Crimean Tatar, German, Greek, Bulgarian and Armenian.
Russian fed. 2014-08-25
Life News
Life News is a 24/7 breaking News TV station based in Moscow. It was launched on august 15, 2013. The TV channel offers the most exclusive and operational news in quality packaging. Programming offers only relevant and breaking news, professional reports and famous guests.
India 2014-08-25
Mahaa News
Mahaa News is a Live Telugu News TV channel based in Hyderabad, the Capital of the state Andhra Pradesh. International as well as regional News programs are shown.
USA (CO-HI) 2014-08-25
WEYW Channel 19
WEYW Channel 19 is a local TV channel based in Key West, Florida. The channel is serving The Florida Keys, Broadcasting Throughout South Florida. Program focus is on Hometown News, Weather, Sports & Great Southeast Florida Programming plus Classic Television From The 60's, 70's & 80's.
Iraq 2014-08-25
Alsumaria TV
Alsumaria TV is an Independent TV channel that was launched in 2004. It broadcasts live entertainment, social, political, and game shows hosted by young Iraqis, and drama and comedy series starred, directed and produced by Iraqis. The channel has offices in Baghdad and Beirut (Lebanon).
Barbados 2014-08-24
Cinestream TV
Cinestream TV is a Barbados based digital TV Channel providing local content such as original programming, cultural shows and news. Its headquarters is based in Christ Church. The mission of Cinestream is to be the leading global supplier of Barbadian and eastern Caribbean digital video content and visual media. The official launch is October 2014.
Ukraine 2014-08-24
UT Ukraine Today
Ukraine Today is Ukraine's first international TV news network offering independent news, views and insights focusing on Ukraine. The channel's primary focus is on Ukrainian current affairs, with additional editorial focuses including EU expansion and integration, Russian relations with Europe and America, the defence of European values in
Iceland 2014-08-20
Webcam: Bardarbunga Volcano
This is a webcam located near the Bardarbunga Volcano in Iceland. The Bardarbunga is a stratovolcano, located under the Vatnajokull glacier. The top of the vulcano is 2,009 metres high above sea level, making it the second highest mountain in Iceland.
Iran 2014-08-18
IRIB Namayesh
Namayesh TV is the a national film and TV series channel of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). The channel was launcghed in 2011 and aims mainly for the domestic audience.
Iran 2014-08-18
IRIB Pooya
Pooya TV is a Cartoons TV channel launched by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). Pooya TV aims to focus on broadcasting cartoons drawn and produced inside Iran.
Ukraine 2014-08-16
UBR or the Ukrainian Business Channel began broadcasting in 2009. The Business News TV channel covers economic events in the Ukraine and in the world, interviews with top officials of Ukrainian business and rapid information on market trends like exchange rates from the Bank, the dynamics of oil prices, gold and many other information.
Taiwan 2014-08-16
FTV Formosa TV
Formosa TV is a television station based in Taipei, Taiwan. It started broadcasting in 1997. The TV station is owned and operated by the Democratic Progressive Party. Many of its programs use Taiwanese Hokkien.
Pakistan 2014-08-16
Minhaj TV
Minhaj TV is a satellite television station from Lahore, Pakistan. The channel provides news and Islamic Religious shows as a service of Minhaj-ul-Quran International.
Israel 2014-08-16
Arutz 2
Arutz 2 is a television station based in Mateh Yehuda, Israel. It is providing News and Educational shows. Also known as Channel 2 it produces and airs national News from the Second Authority for Television and Radio and Educational shows from the Israeli Educational Television.
Ukraine 2014-07-28
Ukraine Media Center
Ukrainian Crisis Media Center is a TV channel based in Kyiv, launched to provide the international community with objective information about events in Ukraine and threats to national security, particularly in the military, political, economic, energy and humanitarian spheres. During this crisis period, the Center on a 24/7 basis will provide support to all the media who cover events in Ukraine.
Palestinia 2014-07-21
PBC is the official TV channel of the General Authority for Palestinian radio and television. The main goal of PBC is to communicate with their audience and taking their views and give the opportunity for the public to participate actively and news programs provided by the Palestine TV.
India 2014-07-21
Medi BizTV
Medi BizTV is a 24 hour free to air satellite TV channel dedicated to serve and spread the message healthy living and we try to focus on health literacy to help our Government and other health agencies such as WHO, UNESCO to implement their policies and make their efforts fruitful.
India 2014-07-17
1st India News
1st India is a media channel, which is a hand offered to the people of Rajasthan, who live in Rajasthan and beyond. Acknowledging the news requirement in the innermost part of the desert state of Rajasthan, 1st India was pioneered by Mr. Virendra Choudhary in November 2013. What accelerated the initiative was the desire to bring forth news that is democratic, of the people, for the people, by the people, which would fulfill the expectations of the generation, blending enthusiasm with experience.
Italy 2014-07-17
FlyEurope TV
FlyEurope.TV is a social media network in 4 languages created and supported to promote aviation and flight safety. FlyEurope.TV are all pilots, and also journalists, authors and television directors, business owners, heads of organizations and associations and flight enthusiasts. They share tremendous passion for aviation.
Egypt 2013-09-16
Al Nada TV
Al Nada TV is an Islamic channel. The mission of Al Nada TV is to enlighten the people with the book of God and the Sunnah of the Messenger of God and understanding honorable companions. Restoring confidence lost to everything Islamic, highlight the service projects that deal with the affairs of Muslims everywhere, the adoption of a range of projects and media giant's ambitious and flowing in the previous points.

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