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TV channels from Dom. Rep.
Channel NameLive?Information
.Bajo Techo TVLiveBajo Techo TV is a commercial TV channel. The channel provides thematic programs for in and arround the house.
.Bonao TVLiveBonao TV is a local TV channel based in Bonao, the capital of Monsenor Nouel province. The channel offers local news and entertainment programming.
.Canal 10 Yuna VisionLiveCanal 10 Yuna Vision is an Internet TV channel from Bonao. Bonao is the capital of Monseñor Nouel province. Its located in the center of the country. It is provided by Dominican Internet. It airs mainly family programs.
.Canal 25LiveCanal 25 Dominican Telemedia, originates from the city of Santiago de los Cabalelros. It offers a mixed variety of (local) programming.
.CDN Canal 67LiveCDN 67 (Cadena de Noticias) is a television broadcaster owned by El Caribe, a daily newspaper. CDN is based in Santo Domingo, the capital and largest city in the Dominican Republic.
.CERTV Canal 4LiveCERTV Canal 4 or Corporacion Estatal de Radio y TV Public is a public access TV channel based in Santo Domingo. CERTV was the first TV channel in the Dominican Republic. It started broadcasting in 1952.
.Color VisionLiveColor Vision is a television network based in Santiago de los Caballeros. It is one of the largest television channels in the country. Color Vision offers variety and news shows, as well as telenovelas, among other types of programming.
.Digital 15LiveDigital 15 (Digital Quince) is a television channel located in Santa Domingo. It was founded in 1988. The TV station is part of Telemicro Group.
.Extremo Canal 14LiveXtreme Channel started in 2008, in the province of San Pedro de Macoris. Providing the population dominica televise programming, enjoyable entertaining, educational, informative and popular culture.
.La Voz de MariaLiveLa Voz de Maria is a Catholic TV channel based in La Vega and it was founded in 2008. La Voz provides a wide spiritual and educational programming and a prayer, where people can enjoy the whole day of the Lord's presence, as outlined in Satisimo Sacramento.
.Maimon TVLiveMaimon TV is a local TV channel based in the beach resort Maimon, in the province of Puerto Plata. The channel mainly offers local news and entertainment.
.Tele AntillasLiveTele Antillas HIJB, Canal 2 is a television network operating out of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. It provides a wide variety of television programs. It was founded in 1979.
.Tele Digital Canal 22LiveThis TV channel is based in Santo Domingo. It offers national, international news but also sports and entertainment.
.TelemicroLiveTelemicro Canal 5, is a major TV & Radio company in Dominican Republic created in July 1997 in Santo Domingo. It offers variety shows, news, sports, political, soap operas, and talk shows.
.Telenord Canal 10LiveTelenord Canal 10 is a local TV channel from Telenord. It provides news, information, sports, films and health programs.
.Telenord Canal 12LiveTelenord Canal 10 is a local TV channel from Telenord. Besdides a more general programming it provides community news, arts and culture and politics.
.Telenord Canal 8LiveTelenord Canal 8 is a local TV channel from Telenord. The channel provides series, magazines and entertainment programs.
.TelenoticiasLiveTelenoticias is a local TV from Santo domingo, the capital and largest city in the Dominican Republic.
.TeleUniverso Canal 29LiveTeleUniverso Canal 29 is a local TV channel based in Santiago De Los Caballeros, the capital of Santiago Province. The channels aim is to Educate, Entertain and Inform.
.TRA 45LiveTRA 45, TeleRadio America is a Regional TV channel located in Santo Domingo. Santa Domingo is the capital and largest city in the Dominican Republic.
.TV 10 San JuanLiveTV 10 San Juan is a community TV channel serving San Juan de la Maguana, the capital city and the largest city in the province of San Juan. The TV chanel offers varied programming.
.VegateveLiveVegateve is a regional TV channel from Santo Domingo. The channel was founded in 1999 in response to the informational and recreational needs of a growing population.
Dom. Rep. Broadcast info (source - CIA World Factbook):
combination of state-owned and privately owned broadcast media; 1 state-owned TV network and a number of private TV networks; networks operate repeaters to extend signals throughout country; combination of state-owned and privately owned radio stations with more than 300 radio stations operating (2007)
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