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TV channels from Serbia
Channel NameLive?Information
.NTV NiskaLiveNTV Niska is a Local TV from Nis. Nis is the largest city of the southern Serbia Ditric of Nisava. NTV Niska offers mainly news, informative and entertainment programs.
.RTS 1LiveRTS 1, operated by Radio-televizija Srbije (Serbian Broadcasting Corporation) is a public broadcaster based in Belgrad. It offers News, Sports, Series, Entertainment, talk shows and much more.
.RTV 1 VojvodinaLiveRTV 1 Vojvodina is an independant public broadcaster. It offers local programming targeted to the citizens of Vojvodina. Porgramming is in the Serbian language and the languages ??of national minorities. The channel informs, educates and entertains, reflecting the unique diversity of the region.
.RTV OK Kovacica.LiveRTV OK Kovacica is a local TV station from Kovacica, a small village located in the South Banat District of Vojvodina. It provides mainly municipal programming including news.
.RTVNPLiveRTVNP or Regionalna Radio Televizija Novi Pazar, is a local television station in Novi Pazar. The channel provides a variety of programs including News, Sports, Movies and TV Series.
.Studio BLiveRTV Studio B is an informative, educational and entertainment TV channel based in Belgrade, the Capital of Serbia. It offers also intersting external produced programs. Media Player is rquired to watch this TV channel.
.Svet PlusLiveSvet Plus is a general TV channel.
Serbia Broadcast info (source - CIA World Factbook):
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