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TV channels from Vietnam
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.ANTVLiveANTV (Public Security of the People's Television) is a TV state TV channel operated by the vietnamese government. The channel was launched in 2011. The headquarter is based in Cau Giay District, Hanoi. The program specializes in security and is controlled by the Vietnam Ministry of Public Security.
.HTV 1LiveThe National HTV or Ho Chi Minh City Television is the official television channel of Ho Chi Minh City. It was launched in 1975. It has a programming focus on news.
.HTV 2LiveThe National HTV or Ho Chi Minh City Television is the official television channel of Ho Chi Minh City. It was launched in 1975. HTV provides Entertainment and Financial programs.
.HTV 9LiveHTV 9 is a TV channel from Ho Chi Minh City Television. The channel offers informative programs, weekend films, magazines and TV series.
.Long An TV - LA 34LiveLong An TV - LA 34 is a general TV channel.
.QTVLiveQTV or Quang Ninh Radio and Television is a regional TV station offering various TV channels. Quang Ninh television program broadcast started in 1983. On the website of QTV various live channels are offered including QTV, VTV, VTC, HTV and iTV.
.SCTVLiveSCTV, Saigon Tourist Cable Service offers a Portal to various live Television channels. SCTV is the first state-owned enterprise in Vietnam researching, applying, exploiting and investing two-way on cable television (HFC), wide bandwidth and diversified service. SCTV is a strong driving force, continuing effort in order to be a leader of cable television industry in Vietnam.
.THVL 1+2LiveTHVL is based in the City of Vinh Long, Vinh Long Province. It mainly offers news, entertainment and documentaries.
.VTCLiveVTC or the Vietnam Television Corporation is a large multimedia corporation in Vietnam. VTC was founded in 1988 by American Factories with the main purpose of constructing television stations. In July 2003, the Vietnam Ministry of Post and Telematics became the new owner of VTC.
Vietnam Broadcast info (source - CIA World Factbook):
government controls all broadcast media exercising oversight through the Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC); government-controlled national TV provider, Vietnam Television (VTV), operates a network of 9 channels with several regional broadcasting centers; programming is relayed nationwide via a network of provincial and municipal TV stations; law limits access to satellite TV but many households are able to access foreign programming via home satellite equipment; government-controlled Voice of Vietnam, the national radio broadcaster, broadcasts on 6 channels and is repeated on AM, FM, and shortwave stations throughout Vietnam (2008)
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