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TV channels from Turkey
Channel NameLive?Information
.24 TV Live (Turkish)Live24 TV Live (Yirmidort TV) is a general satellite TV channel based in Istanbuk. The channel offers news and documentaries. The channel is part of STAR Media Publishing Inc.
.A Haber (Turkish)LiveA Haber is a private News TV channel. It was founded in 2011. It was Turkey's first TV channel broadcasting in High Defenition.
.A9 TV (Turkish)LiveA9 TV is a satellite TV channel that was launched in 2011. The channel provides Islamic related programs such as documentaries and Talk shows.
.ATV (Turkish)LiveATV Avrupa is a nationwide TV channel ownded by the Sabah Group. It was founded in 1993. The channel offers News programming, Entertainment, TV series, Quiz Shows and Talk Shows.
.Beyaz TV (Turkish)LiveBeyaz TV is a National TV channel with offices in Ankara and Istanbul. It was founded in 2000. The channel provides News, Politics, Entertainment, sports and documentaries.
.Bloomberg HT (Turkish)LiveBloomberg HT is an economical TV channel that began broadcasting in 2010. Its headquarters are based in Beyoglu and Istanbul.
.Bodrum Kent TV (Turkish)LiveBodrum Kent TV is a local TV channel from Bodrum.
.BRTV (Turkish)LiveBRTV is a regional TV channel from Karabuk. It was founded in 1995. Karabuk Province is a landlocked province in the northern part of Anatolia.
.Bursaspor (Turkish)LiveBursaspor TV is began broadcating online in 2009. Bursaspor provides live online broadcasts and special reports related to the soccerclub Bursaspor.
.Canal D (Turkish)LiveCanal D is a privatly owned TV channel founded in 1993. The channel airs Turkish tv series, political show, talk shows and entertainment.
.CNN Turk (Turkish)LiveCNN Türk is the Turkish version of the popular cable news channel CNN. CNN Türk is a nationwide channel and is broadcasting since, 1999. It has its headquarters in Istanbul.
.DHA (Turkish)LiveDogan News Agency (DHA) was founded in 1999 by the merger of Hurriyet News Agency (HHA) and Milliyet News Agency (MILHA). DHA is one of the most powerful news networks in Turkey.
.ERT (Turkish)LiveERT is a local TV channel from Konya-Ereuli, a small town and district of Konya Province in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey. ERT provides mainly local oriented TV programs.
.ERTV Malatya (Turkish)LiveERTV Malatya is a local TV channel from Malatya, the capital of the province of Anatolia.
.ESTV (Turkish)LiveESTV is a regional TV channel located in Eskisehir, a city in northwestern Turkey and the capital of the Eskisehir Province.
.Euronews Turkey (Turkish)LiveEuronews is a European, multilingual news television channel, headquartered in Lyon-Ecully, France. Created in 1993, it claims to be covering world news from a Pan-European perspective.
.Fenerbahce TV (Turkish)LiveFenerbahçe TV or FBTV is a sports channel from Istanbul. It was launched in 2003. The live programs of FBTV consists mainly of daily news and news before matches.
.GTV Guney Dogu TV (-)LiveGTV Guney Dogu TV is a local TV channel from Sanliurfa. The TV channel was founded in 2012.
.Gunes TV Malatya (Turkish)LiveGunes TV is a local TV channel from Malatya. The channel offer various programs related to politics, economics, sports, health, arts & culture. It requires Media Player to watch.
.Guney TV (Turkish)LiveGuney TV is a local TV channel from Iskenderun, a city and district in the province of Hatay on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.
.Haber Turk (Turkish)LiveHaberturk is a Turkish nationwide News TV channel. The channel was launched in 1999 and is owned by the Ciner Media Group. The headquarter is located in Istanbul.
.Haber Turk (Turkish)LiveHaber Turk is a Turkish news channel owned by the Ciner Media Group. It was Established in 1999. The channel has headquarters in Taksim, Beyoglu, and Istanbul.
.Halk TV (Turkish)Live Halk TV is a nation wide TV channel. It began broadcasting in 2005. The headquarter of Halk TV is based in Ankara. The channel offers a variety of programming including news and entertainment.
.Hilal TV (Turkish)LiveHilal TV is a regional Satellite TV channel which broadcasts from the district Adnan. It is based in Istanbul. It offers a varied program.
.Kanal 16 (Turkish)LiveKanal 16 is a local TV channel from Yenice.
.Kanal 2000 (Turkish)LiveKanal 2000 is a local channel from Mersin.
.Kanal 23 Elazig (Turkish)LiveKanal 23 Elazig, is a local TV channel from Elazig, a city in Eastern Anatolia, Turkey and the administrative center of the Elazig Province. It mainly offers informative programming.
.Kanal 32 (Turkish)LiveKanal 32 is a local TV channel from Isparta.
.Kanal 7 (Turkish)LiveKanal 7 is a TV broadcaster located in Ankara. It transmits 5 different TV channels. Kanal 7 HQ, Kanal 7 TV, Kanal 7, Avrupa, Ulke TV HQ and Ulke TV.
.Kanal A, Ankara (Turkish)LiveKanal A is a local TV channel from Ankara.
.Kanal Alanya (-)LiveKanal Alanya is a local TV channel from Alanya.
.Kanal Avrupa (Turkish)LiveKanal Avrupa (English: Channel Europe) is a television station founded in 2005. Kanal Avrupa is a company of Akbas Media Company. The program consists of 70 percent of Turkish music videos and 30 percent news, live broadcasts and documentaries.
.Kanal B (Turkish)LiveKanal B is a general TV channel.
.Kanal V (Turkish)LiveKanal V is a local TV station broadcasting from Antalya. It is offering mainly news related programming.
.Kay TV (Turkish)LiveKay TV is a local TV channel from Kayseri.
.Kon TV (Turkish)LiveKon TV or Konya TV is a regional TV channel broadcasting from Konya, a city in the Central Anatolia Region of Turkey. The channel provide News, Informative, Educational and Entertainment programs.
.Koroglu TV Bolu (Turkish)LiveKoroglu TV is a local TV channel from Bolu, the administrative center of the Bolu Province. Koroglu TV offers local informative programs including news.
.Kral Music TV (Turkish)LiveKral TV is a music television channel in Turkey owned by Dogus Group. The channel was founded in 1994. The headquarter is based in Istanbul. Kral TV was the first music channel in Turkey.
.Lalegul TV (Turkish)LiveLalegul TV, a religious television channel. It was launched in 2014. The channel is headquartered in Bagcilar, Istanbul. The slogan of Lalegul is: Your hearts garden.
.NTV (Turkish)LiveNTV is a nationwide commercial television news channel. NTV was founded in 1996. NTV primarily broadcasts national and global news as well as quality documentaries and programs on the economy, culture and the arts, lifestyles and sports. Press Canli Yayin on the top of their site in order to watch this channel.
.Semerkand TV (Turkish)LiveSemerkand TV is a Islamic TV channel founded in 2010 and based in Istanbul. The channel provides Culture, current affairs, women, children, family, news, economics, history and sports.
.Show Turk (Turkish)LiveShow Turk is a national TV channel launched in 2005 and is owned by the Ciner Media Group. Its headquarters is located in Istanbul. It mainly broadcasts TV series and Entertaiment.
.Show TV (Turkish)RecShow TV is an entertaiment TV channel owned by the Ciner Media Group. Due to legal issues it started broadcasting in 1992 in Paris (France). Later in 1994 it moved its headquarters to Turkey. The channel shows mainly TV series.
.Star TV (Turkish)LiveStar TV is founded by Cem Uzan and Ahmet Ozal in 1989 as Magic Box. Star TV is Turkey's first private TV channel and it started broadcasting in 1990. The channel mainly family oriented with its programming.
.Tele 1 (Turkish)LiveTELE 1 is well-known to be the voice and conscience of the whole country. Tele 1 was founded in 2016. The headquarter is based in Sariyer.
.TGRT Haber (Turkish)LiveTGRT Haber is a Turkish news TV channel which was established in 2004. Its headquarters is based in Istanbul. TRT Haber offers a variety of news related programs including world news and Turkish news.
.TJK (Turkish)LiveTJK TV (Turkey Jockey Club TV, founded in 1950), broadcasts horse racing. TJK organizes Horseraces and Mutual Bettings. The TV channel started broadcasting in 2004.
.TRT 1 (Turkish)RecTRT 1, the first television channel is owned by the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation. Its mission is to inform, educate and entertain. TRT 1 broadcasts in a large spectrum of programs ranging from news, music, entertainment, drama, sports to education and arts along with commercial breaks.
.TRT 4 Çocuk (Turkish)LiveTRT Çocuk is a Turkish television station, part of the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation. It broadcasts 24 hours a day, cartoons for children and educational programs.
.TRT 6 (Kurdish)LiveTRT 6 is part of the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT). It is Turkey's first national Kurdish language television channel. It broadcasts in the Kurmanji and Sorani dialects of the Kurdish language.
.TRT Arabic (Arabic)LiveTRT Arabic is the Arabic language channel of TRT (Turkish Radio and Television Corporation). It broadcasts mainly to Arabic-speaking audiences in Turkey and the Middle East. It airs news as well as soap operas.
.TRT AVAZ (Turkish)LiveTRT Avaz the Pan Turkic and Balkan focues channel of the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation TRT. It was launched in 2009, and broadcasts throughout the Balkans, Turkic Central Asia, the Middle East, and the Caucasus.
.TRT Diyanet (Turkish)LiveTRT Diyanet or better known as TRT Religious is offering Islamic programming. This channel is part of the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT).
.TRT Haber (Turkish)LiveTRT Haber (News) is owned by the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation. The channel focuses mainly on news related programming and on culture and arts programming.
.TRT HD (Turkish)LiveTRT HD is the High Defenition channel of the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation, also known as TRT (the national public broadcaster of Turkey). It offers various programs selected from other TRT channel.
.TRT Spor (Turkish)LiveTRT Spor is the sports channel of the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT). It show mainly national sports events.
.TRT Türk (Turkish)LiveTRT Türk is the International TV channel of the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation. It broadcasts education, culture, drama, entertainment, music programs and news with commercial breaks.
.TRT Turizm Belgesel (Turkish)LiveTRT Belgesel (TRT Documentary) is the documentary channel of Turkish Radio and Television Corporation.
.TRT World (English)
LiveTRT World is the International oriented TV channel owned by the Sate owned Radio and Television Corporation. TRT World was launched in 2015. The TV channel claims to serve news from a humanitarian perspective./
.TV 360 (Turkish)LiveTV 360 is a privatly owned TV channel located in Topkapi, Istanbul. Its focus is mainly on news and politics related programs.
.TV 41 (Turkish)LiveTV 41 is a satellite channel providing news, sports, economical news and culture programming.
.TV 5 (Turkish)LiveTV 5 is a national news related TV channel. Its content is Islamic related and consists mainly of news and documentaries.
.TV 8 (Turkish)LiveTV8, MNG Media Group, started broadcasting in 1999. Since 2005 it broadcasts some music-entertainment, contests, sports, talk and news programs. It is based in Itanbul.
.TV Net (Turkish)
LiveTV Net is a news channel. It was founded in 2005 and started broadcasting under the name ATR. In 2007 it changed its name to TV Net. The channel is based in Istanbul.
.Yol TV (Turkish)LiveYol TV is a general TV channel in the Turkish language and is based in Koln, Germany.
Turkey Broadcast info (source - CIA World Factbook):
Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) operates multiple TV and radio networks and stations; multiple privately owned national television stations and up to 300 private regional and local television stations; multi-channel cable TV subscriptions available; more than 1,000 private radio broadcast stations (2009)
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