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TV channels from Thailand
Channel NameLive?Information
.24 NewsLiveTV 24 or DNN (Asia News Upate) is a News TV channel under the administration of Zenith Company Network. It headquarters is located in Bangkok. The channel broadcasts 24/7 news.
.ASTV News1LiveASTV (Asia Satellite TV is a free-to-air satellite TV network. The TV channel is based in Bangkok. The channel mainly provides news shows. It is operated by Manager Media Group (Phuchatkan Rai Wan), the major news source in Thailand.
.Channel 3LiveThailand Colour Television Channel 3 was Thailands first commercial Entertainment TV channel. It started broadcasting in 1970. Its headquarters is based in Khlong Toei, Bangkok.
.DMCLiveDMC or Dhammakaya Foundation media Channel is a Thai cable television channel concerned with Buddhism. The channel is owned by the Dhamma Education for Environment Foundation. It broadcasts songs, documentaries, and cartoons 24 hours a day. It started with TV broadcast in 2001.
.Five HDLiveLocal TV from Bangkok.
.MCOT 1LiveMCOT 1 or Public Company Limited is a Thai state-owned public broadcaster. It owns and operates a number of radio and television stations in Thailand and is based in Bangkok. MCOT 1 offers news, sports and family programs.
.MCOTNews 24LiveNews TV channel.
.ModernineLiveModernine is a state-owned free-to-air television network, which was founded back in 1955. Its headquarter is based in Bangkok. Modernine offers national news, news talk programs, talkshows and sports.
.MVTVLiveMVTV is based in the Klongjaokhunsing District, Wang Thong Lang. It offers many thematic channels that are available online.
.MVTVLiveNews & Entertainment Program.
.Nation ChannelLiveNation Channel (owned by the Nation Multimedia Group) is a National News TV Station, that broadcasts 24 hours a day. It is located in Bangkok. It covers political, economic, social and cultural news.
.NBT WorldLiveNews from the Government Public Relations Department (english language).
.PBS TVLivePBS TV (Thai Public Broadcasting Service) is a national public TV channel offering a informative and entertaining programming. The channel was launched in 1996.
.Peace TV ThaiLivePeace TV is a Polictical-oriented Satellite TV channel. In Thailand the regulator revoked Peace TV's licence in April 2015, for breaching an agreement with the regulator and orders issued by the junta. Peace TV is known for criticising the junta-led government.
.PGTVRecPGTV shows Recorded News from Phuket. Phuket Gazette is is Phuket's leading newspaper, top-ranked website and only national television show. It was founded in 1993. The channel is focused on community events. Phuket Today is aired eight times a week to 1.9 million subscribers nationwide.
.SBT TVLiveSBT TV is a Buddhist TV channel dedicated to Luangta. Luangta was one of the most famous teachers of the Thai Forest Tradition of Theravada Buddhism. He was a Buddhist monk (bhikkhu) for 77 years, and by the time of his death his teachings had spread widely throughout Asia, and also to western countries.
.Spring NewsLiveSpring News is a news TV channel. The headquarter is based in Bangkok.
.TNN TVLiveTNN TV or Thain News Network is a 24/7 national news TV channel. It claims to catch up real quick6 and to be accurate and unbiased.
.TV 5LiveRoyal Thai Army Radio and Television or TV 5 is a terrestrial free-to-air-television channel located in Bangkok, Thailand. It broadcasts local dramas and entertainment..
.TV MuslimLiveTV Muslim is an Islamic channel.
Thailand Broadcast info (source - CIA World Factbook):
6 terrestrial TV stations in Bangkok broadcast nationally via relay stations - 2 of the networks are owned by the military, the other 4 are government-owned or controlled, leased to private enterprise, and all are required to broadcast government-produced news programs twice a day; multi-channel satellite and cable TV subscription services are available; radio frequencies have been allotted for more than 500 government and commercial radio stations; many small community radio stations operate with low-power transmitters (2008)
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