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TV channels from Netherlands
Channel NameLive?Information
.3ML (Dutch)Live3ML is a regional TV channel from Midden-Limburg, serving the communities of Maasgouw and Leudal. The channel provides mainly programs aimed at the community including city council meeting.
.AT5 (Dutch)LiveAT5 (Amstel Television 5) is a local television station in Amsterdam. It started broadcasting in 1992 and offers programs for the region of Amsterdam.
.BVN (Dutch)LiveThe public station for Dutch and Flemish abroad. Every day BVN selects programs from the Dutch Public Broadcasting and the Dutch-speaking VRT. Mostly news and current affairs, news, sports, entertainment and English drama.
.BVN Live (Dutch)LiveBVN (The best of Belgium and The Netherlands) is a coorperation between public broadcasters of Belgium and the Netherlands. The channel shows various programs of both broadcasters. The channel started broadcasting in 1996. The to strange rights policies the channel is NOT avalailable in Belgium and the Netherlands...
.CAM: Groningen (-)LiveThis is a webcam located at the Grote Markt in Groningen. It gives a view not only of the Grote Markt, but also of the Martinitoren and the Waagstraat.
.CAM: Zantvoort beach (-)LiveThis webcam offers a great view over the beach at the Zantvoort. The stream is offered by webcam.nl
.CAM: Amsterdam de Dam (-)LiveThis webcam offers a nice view of the Dam in Amsterdam. The Dam is the square in the center and historical heart of Amsterdam. The webcam is provided by webcam.nl. The cam is aslo available in UHD.
.CAM: Amsterdam Koningsplein (-)LiveAmsterdam cam is installed across the the Koningsplein in Amsterdam. It is located between the Singel and Herengracht canals. The webcam stream is offered by TERENA (Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association.
.CAM: Bloemendaal beach (-)LiveThis channel offers a nice view of the Bloemendaal Beach. It is offered by the rescue brigade of Bloemendaal beach.
.Limburg L1 (Dutch)LiveL1 is the public radio and TV broadcaster for the Province of Limburg. The programming covers news, sports and informative items.
.NOS Journaal (Dutch)LiveNOS Journaal is the news program of the NOS (Nederlandse Omroep Stichting). The NOS is a public broadcasting company. It airs the news 24/7 365!
.Omroep Brabant (Dutch)LiveOmroep Brabant is the regional broadcaster from the province Brabant. It was founded in 1976 and TV broadcasts began in 1997. Besides news and informative programming it offers also cultural programs.
.Omroep Ede (Dutch)LiveOmroep Ede is a local broadcaster from the city of Ede, Province of Gelderland. The channel focuses and targets on the city of Ede. It offers cultural, sport, youth, education, religion, news and minority programs.
.Omroep Flevoland (Dutch)LiveOmroep Flevoland is the regional broadcaster of the province of Flevoland. It was launched in 1997. After it started broadcasting radio in 1989. TV Flevoland sends a varied program every day. There is a daily news program, complemented by a variable program
.Omroep Fryslan (West Frisian)LiveOmroep Fryslan or Omrop Fryslân is a regional public broadcaster for the province Friesland. It is also a special broadcaster on the NPO which serves the Frisian community. It broadcasts programs spoken in the West Frisian language.
.Omroep Gelderland (Dutch)LiveOmroep Gelderland is the regional broadcaster for the province of Gelderland. It's headquartes is based in the city of Arnhem. The most important program is the Gld Nieuws (News).
.Omroep Zeeland (Dutch)LiveOmroep Zeeland is the regional broadcaster for the Province Zeeland. The Radio and TV broadcaster was founded in 1988 and began broadcasting TV in 1996. The studio is located in Oost-Souburg.
.Oog TV (Dutch)LiveOOG TV or Omroep Organisatie Groningen is a local broadcaster from the city of Groningen. OOG TV provides a broadcast about a half hour, starting at half past six and repeated until nine o'clock in the morning every day.
.ORTS Oosterhout (Dutch)LiveORTS Oosterhout is a community TV channel based in Oosterhout. In 1986 the channel started broadcasting radio and later on it began broadcasting TV. Programs are produced mainly by volunteers.
.Politiek 24 (Dutch)LiveThis channel shows live and recorded political debates. It is offered by the Dutch National broadcaster NOS. Programmes come live from The Hague, when parliament is in session.
.RTV Dordrecht (Dutch)LiveRTV Dordrecht is a local TV channel from the city of Dordrecht. A group of volunteers as well as professionals provides daily news and background programs. The channel started broadcasting in 1986 as the TROM foundation. RTV Dordrecht works together with the Internetsite Idordt.
.RTV Drenthe (Dutch)LiveRTV Drenthe of Radio- en Televisie Omroep is the regional broadcaster from the province Drenthe. It provides a combination of daily news.
.RTV Ijselmond (Dutch)LiveRTV IJsselmond is the broadcaster for Kampen. More than 100 volunteers are every day waiting for you to show you the local sound and hearing. The slogan of RTV ijsselmond is: Local broadcaster for the municipality of Kampen!
.RTV Katwijk (Dutch)RecRTV Katwijk is the broadcaster for Katwijk, Rijnsburg and Valkenburg. More than 200 volunteers are every day waiting for you to show you the local sound and hearing. There are three paid staff to keep up to date news. The slogan of RTV Katwijk is not without reason: strong on the coast!
.RTV NH (Dutch)LiveRTV NH or Radio TeleVisie Noord Holland is a public broadcaster for the region Noord-Hollandse. It is based in Amsterdam. It mainly broadcasts news and cultural programs.
.RTV Noord (Dutch)LiveRTV Noord is the regional radio and television public broadcaster in Groningen. Some content is broadcast in the Gronings dialect.
.RTV Oost (Dutch)LiveRTV Oost, the regional public broadcaster of the Dutch province of Overijssel . The broadcaster is located in Hengelo and has branches in Zwolle and Deventer.
.RTV Rijnmond (Dutch)LiveRTV Rijnmond (founded in 1983) is the regional public broadcasting for the region Zuid-Holland-Zuid. Its headquarters is in the city of Rotterdam.
.RTV Utrecht (Dutch)LiveRTV Utrecht is the Television broadcaster for the province and the city of Utrecht. The broadcaster has two television stations: RTV Utrecht and Ustad. It offers news and informative programming.
.Salto A1 (Dutch)LiveSalto public access is part of the Public Broadcaster Amsterdam (Publieke Omroep Amsterdam). Salto A1 offers city information, neighbourhood news, culture and society programs.
.Salto A2 (Dutch)LiveSalto public access is part of the Public Broadcaster Amsterdam (Publieke Omroep Amsterdam). Salto A2 is broadcasting programs for ethnic and cultural groups, the younger ones, experimental arts and religion.
.TV West (Dutch)LiveTV West is the regional broadcaster for Zuid and Noord Holland. Its headquarters is located in The Hague. TV West began broadcasting in 1996.
.U Stad (Dutch)LiveU Stad is a regional TV channel from Utrecht. The channel is part of RTV (Radio TeleVisie) Utrecht, the public broadcaster for the province of Utrecht. It shows regional informative programs.
Netherlands Broadcast info (source - CIA World Factbook):
more than 90% of households are connected to cable or satellite TV systems that provide a wide range of domestic and foreign channels; public service broadcast system includes multiple broadcasters, 3 with a national reach and the remainder operating in regional and local markets; 2 major nationwide commercial television companies, each with 3 or more stations, and many commercial TV stations in regional and local markets; nearly 600 radio stations with a mix of public and private stations providing national or regional coverage (2008)
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