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TV channels from Korea, South
Channel NameLive?Information
.ArirangLiveArirang TV (founded in 1996) is an international English-language network based in Seoul. It's operated by the Korea International Broadcasting Foundation. The channel presents programs designed to give viewers a contemporary, accurate look at Korea, Asia and the world.
.Fact TVLiveNews is the kernal of what Fact TV has to offer. Fact TV see's itself as the leading alternative of Political, economical, social and environmental information. The channel was founded in 2007.
.G1 SBSLiveGangwon No.1 Broadcasting or G1 is a Radio and TV station in Gangwon Province, affiliated with the SBS Network. It broadcasts entertainment and informative programs.
.JTBC News
LiveJTBC is the news TV channel of JTBC Television Network. The channel was launched in 2011. One of the JTBC slogans is: You will find the faster and more accurate news on JTBC.
.KBS WorldLiveKBS World's TV programming is sourced from KBS's domestic television services. It mainly broadcast in Korean, but subtitles in English, Malay and Chinese are also provided. KBS strives to connect with the audience through the production of audience oriented, high-quality public services. It started with TV broadcasts in 1961.
.MTNLiveMTN or Money Today Network is a Business and Economic news channel. MTN is fast, accurate, real-time economic and investment information channel. It delivers information directly to individual investors.
.PBCLivePBC or the Pyeonghwa Broadcasting Corporation is a TV channel that was founded in 1990. It offers programs for the Catholic community.
.TBS TVLiveTBS TV is a TV channel deticated to living information and culture and transport information. It serving Seoul and the metropolitan area. TBS TV produces and airs Seoul traffic coverage, newscasts, talk shows, documentaries and sporscasts.
.YTN NewsLiveYTN News is a 24-hour news and current affairs channel. YTN or Yonhap Television News was founded 1993 as a subsidiary of the Yonhap News Agency. The headquarter of YTN News is based in Seoul.
.YTN ScienceLiveThis channel is the nation's first 24-hour operation of scientific broadcast. It offers technology and science based programming.
Korea, South Broadcast info (source - CIA World Factbook):
multiple national TV networks with 2 of the 3 largest networks publicly operated; the largest privately owned network, Seoul Broadcasting Service (SBS), has ties with other commercial TV networks; cable and satellite TV subscription services available; publicly operated radio broadcast networks and many privately owned radio broadcasting networks, each with multiple affiliates, and independent local stations (2010)
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