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TV channels from Chile
Channel NameInformation
. 24 Horas (Spanish)24 Horas (24 hours) is a Chilean newscast channel. It is broadcast by Televisión Nacional de Chile since 1990. The program is the successor to the newscast Noticias, which in turn replaced TV Noticias.
. Tele 13 (Spanish)Tele 13 is a news and information channel. Teletrece was launched on 1 March 1970, replacing the former newscast El reporter Esso.
. UCVTV (Spanish)UCVTV is a Catholic TV channel. It is based in the city of Vitacura in the province of Santiago. It delivers cultural, informative and entertainment programs.
Chile Broadcast info (source - CIA WFB):
national and local terrestrial TV channels, coupled with extensive cable TV networks; the state-owned Television Nacional de Chile (TVN) network is self financed through commercial advertising revenues and is not under direct government control; large number of privately owned TV stations; about 250 radio stations (2007)
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