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TV channels from Mauritania
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. TVM (Arabic)TV de Mauritanie is the national broadcaster of the West African state of Mauritania. TVM Television began broadcasting in 1992. The headquarters is based in Nouakchott.
Mauritania Broadcast info (source - CIA WFB):
one state-run TV (Television de Mauritanie) and one state-run radio network (Radio de Mauritanie); Television de Mauritanie has three channels, Al Mahadra station (for Islamic content) and Channels 1 and 2, which cover news, sports, and other programming; Radio de Mauritanie runs 12 regional stations as well as a radio station for youth and the Holy Quran station; five private TV channels and five private radio stations also broadcast from Mauritania; six private international radio stations broadcast in Mauritania on the FM band; with satellite connections, Mauritanians also have access to hundreds of foreign TV channels (2013)
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