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Lifestyle TV channels
Channel NameLive?Information
Alfa TV (Bulgarian)
LiveAlfa TV is a privatly owned TV channel operated by Ataka. Ataka is a Political party founded in 2005 by Volen Siderov. The channel provides mainly Ataka party news, and Television Talk shows.
Eurofolk (Bulgarian)
LiveEurofolk is a Web TV channel from Veliko Tarnovo, dedicated to European Folklore. It broadcasts programs like the Annual European TV Championship of Folklore.
Tvart (Bulgarian)
LiveTVArt is an Internet only TV channel. It presents arts and tourism for the general public as well as for highly professional circles.
.Dom. Rep.
Bajo Techo TV (Spanish)
LiveBajo Techo TV is a commercial TV channel. The channel provides thematic programs for in and arround the house.
CBC Sofra (Arabic)
LiveCBC Sofra (english traveling) is a TV channel dedicated to the culinary arts. The channel broadcasts 24 hours a day and broadcasts for Egypt and the Arab world. The channel offers cooking trips to different food dishes in an exciting and entertaining way with a group of professional chefs. The mission is to build a cultural bridge between different communities both inside and outside Egypt.
TV 5 Monde (French)
LiveTV 5 Monde is global TV network. It was launched in 1984 under guidance of the Minister for Foreign affairs. It broadcasts mainly news related programs.
O Channel TV (Indonesian)
LiveO Channel TV is Jakarta's Own channel. It is the first, privately owned, local television station in Jakarta. The channel is on air since August 9, 2004. The channel aims to be a Lifestyle, Entertainment and City Centric channel. The channel is mainly concerned with Jakarta, the City and its people.
TVTUR TV (Russian)
LiveTVTUR TV is an Internet only TV channel provided by Planeta-Online. TVTUR TV is a travel channel about the amazing countries and continents. It offers unique films about the capitals of many countries of the world, lifestyle, tourism and entertainment.
.Saudi Arabia
Thaqafiya TV (Arabic)
Free Speech TV (English)
LiveFree Speech TV is a TV channel from Denver, Colorado. It was founded in 1995. Free Speech TV is a national, independent news network committed to advancing progressive social change. As the alternative to television networks owned by billionaires, governments and corporations, our network amplifies underrepresented voices and those working on the front lines of social, economic and environmental justice.
FTV Plus (English)
LiveFTV plus is an international fashion and lifestyle broadcasting television channel. It was founded in 1997. FTV is an international TV network exclusively dedicated to fashion, beauty, glamour and style.
MNN Lifestyle (English)
LiveMNN's Lifestyle Channel is provided by the Manhattan's Public Access Television (New York). Founded in 1992, Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) is Manhattan's free, public access cable network. MNN operates two media production and education facilities in Manhattan.
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