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Government TV channels
Channel NameLive?Information
Camara De Diputados
LiveCamara De Diputados is the Government TV channel. It offers live broadcasts of meetings of the Chamber of Deputies of the Argentine National Congress.
LiveA-PAC is a public affairs television network in Australia and is funded by Pay TV company Foxtel. It was launched in 2009. A-PAC provides public affairs programming.
LiveSince 2006 ALCE TV is broadcasting. ALCE is a vehicle approach and dialogue between the Power Legislative and society. It's an iinstrument for monitoring the work of their representatives, transparency of all acts emanating from the house, education for citizenship and community service.
Canal Assembleia Bahia
LiveThis is the TV channel of the Assemblee National from the Province of Bahia. It is based in the city of Salvador. Thy channel informs the public through reports and cultural programs.
CPAC English
LiveCPAC, the Cable Public Affairs Channel, is Canada's only privately-owned, commercial free, not for profit, bilingual licensed television service. It was founded in 1992. The Canadian Parliament Channel shows the proceedings of Parliament from Ottawa.
CPAC French
LiveCPAC, the Cable Public Affairs Channel, is Canada's only privately-owned, commercial free, not for profit, bilingual licensed television service. It was founded in 1992. The Canadian Parliament Channel shows the proceedings of Parliament from Ottawa.
Lok Sabha TV
LiveLok Sabha TV is a Parliament Channel. Lok Saba broadcasts live proceedings of the Lok Sabha - the House of the People of the Indian Parliament. It also broadcasts programmes of general interest on issues relating to democracy, governance, social, economic and constitutional issues and citizens concerns.
Rajya Sabha
LiveRajya Sabha Television (RSTV) is a parliamentary TV channel fully owned and operated by the Upper House of Parliament of India i.e. Rajya Sabha. The channel provides in-depth coverage and analysis of parliamentary affairs especially the functioning of and developments related to Rajya Sabha.
IBA Channel 3
LiveIsrael Broadcasting Authority (often referred to as the IBA) is Israel's state broadcasting network. Ch. 3 relays from the Knesset.
Aguascalientes TV
LiveAguascalientes TV is the official Government TV station from Aguascalientes. Aguascalientes is a Free and Sovereign state of Aguascalientes and is one of the 31 states which, with the Federal District, comprise the 32 Federal Entities of Mexico. It is divided in 11 municipalities and its capital city is Aguascalientes.
LiveThe Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) is the highest federal court in the United Mexican States. It is based in Mexico City. It offer live Plenary Sessions and Cultural programming.
2e Kamer
Live2e Kamer is the Dutch parliament. You can follow almost all plenary and committee debates in 2e Kamer live. Closed meetings are not broadcast. The parliament meets in plenary on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. On Monday there are only committee.
Politiek 24
LiveThis channel shows live and recorded political debates. It is offered by the Dutch National broadcaster NOS. Programmes come live from The Hague, when parliament is in session.
Mac TV
LiveMac TV is a Government television channel created specifically for the Chinese-speaking populations overseas.
Marti Noticias
LiveRadio y Television Marti is a radio and television broadcaster based in Miami, Florida. The broadcaster is financed by the United States Government (Broadcasting Board of Governors). The channel transmits anti-Castro propaganda to Cuba.
LiveTVW is Washington's public affairs network. It provides gavel-to-gavel coverage of Washington State Legislature sessions. It also covers the Washington State Supreme Court and public affairs events.
City of Palm Springs
LivePalm Springs Community Television or PSCTV, is the City's cable television station, Channel 17, which broadcasts City Council meetings as well as various Board and Commission meetings. PSCTV also provides video production services to City departments for special events.
City of San Diego
LiveThis is the public channel of the City of San Diego, California. The channel offers live meetings of the City Council, the Environment Commitee and the Planning Commision.
LiveMesa is the community TV channel pperated by the City of Mesa, Arizona (Ch. 11). This TV channel provides city council meetings and news programs.
PCTV ch. 26
LivePCTV channel 26 is a Government TV from the City of Pinole in the State of California. Channels 28 mainly broadcasts Council meetings, Board of Directors meetings and subcommittee meeting.
PCTV ch. 28
LivePCTV channel 28 is a Government TV from the City of Pinole in the State of California. Channels 28 mainly broadcasts city events.
SFGTV Ch. 26
LiveSFGTV Ch. 26 is the community TV channel for San Francisco, California. The channel broadcasts city council meetings, county commission meetings and a variety of community events and information.
SFGTV Ch. 78
LiveSFGTV is the City & County TV from San Francisco. Programs include LIVE coverage of the Board of Supervisors meetings and their respective Committees, numerous City Commissions, Up to date coverage of the Mayor's Press Conferences and other governmental meetings and events.
Tucson 12
LiveTucson 12 is a community TV channel from Tucson Arizona. The local TV station reflects, informs and inspires the community it serves.
TV4 Bullhead
LiveTV 4 is Bullhead City's information station providing viewers with access to city council meetings, boards commission and committee meetings, special documentaries and other timely news-magazine style programs. The mission of TV 4 is to provide informative, appealing, and beneficial programming to the citizens of Bullhead City.
BTV 98
LiveBTV 98 is a Community TV channel from Bonita Springs, Florida. The channel provides live City Council Meetings Government and City News related programming.
Channel 199
LiveChannel 199 is the Community TV channel for Daytona Beach, Florida. The channel provides Live City Commission Meetings, Agency & Boards meetings, Planning Board meetings, Workshops and Special Presentations.
City of Marco Island
LiveCity of Marco Island TV is a Community TV channel from Marco Island, Florida. The channel provides live City Council Regular Meetings and various Advisory Committee Meetings.
Community 12
LiveCommunity 12 TV is a community acces TV channel from Gainesville, California.
OCTT Ch. 13
LiveOCTT or Office of Cable TV and Telecom is a governement TV channel from the Council of the Ditrict of Columbia. The Office of Cable Television promotes adequate, economic, and efficient cable television service to the citizens and residents of DC, and regulates cable TV companies for the public interest.
Orange TV
LiveOrange TV is a community TV channel from Orange County, Florida.
LiveSGTV is Seminole County Florida Government TV channel. The channel offers access to Board meetings, news and programming of interest to Seminole County residents.
Boston City TV
LiveBoston City TV is a Government TV channel provided by the City of Boston. Boston City TV is the city television service featuring city news, announcements and notices as well as public affairs and educational programming.
LiveKCCG is a community channel of the City Government TV from Kansas City, Kansas. The channel offers coverage of City Council meetings, special events and original programming.
5 City TV Lincoln
Live5 City TV is a Government TV channel for Lincoln, Nebraska. Lincoln Community Cable (LCC) is a group of community television stations on cable channels 5, 10, and 21. The station broadcasts city council meetings, county commission meetings, school board meetings and a variety of community events and information.
City 5 TV
LiveCity 5 TV is operated by the City of Lincoln as a public, educational, and government access (PEG) cable television station. The station broadcasts city council meetings, county commission meetings, school board meetings and a variety of community events and information.
LiveGOV TV is the local government television channel for Albuquerque and Bernalillo County. GOV TV provides real-time streaming video of local government programming 24 hours a day. Programming includes LIVE coverage of government meetings, recorded news conferences, and a wide variety of locally produced TV shows.
KCLV Ch. 2
LiveKCLV Channel 2 is the City of Las Vegas's Television station. It is a government access channel, offering live City council meetings. It also offers Arts and Cultural Shows, Educational Shows, Health and Senior Shows and other self produced programming.
City of Charlotte
LiveCity of Charlotte (North Carolina) is a community TV channel located in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center (CMGC). The channel offers coverage of city board meetings and informative programs including NASA TV.
Fairfax Ch. 16
LiveFairfax channel 16 is a Community access TV channel from Fairfax Virginia. The TV channel brodcasts Supervisors meetings, including presentations and public hearings. All Board of Supervisors meetings are closed captioned for the hearing impaired. (CC).
LiveNNTV or Newsport News TV is a Government TV channel from Newport, Virginia. The TV channel carries all City Council Meetings and Planning Commission Meetings live plus up-to-the minute interviews with the City Manager.
LiveANTV or Asamblea Nacional Televisión, is the television station of the National Assembly of Venezuela. It was created in 2005 and covers the proceedings of Venezuela's National Assembly, with the purpose to increase the participation of Venezuelan citizens in the legislative debates.
LiveThe Venezuelan Social Television (Tves) Foundation is a public service channel oriented healthy entertainment and promoting the culture of the Venezuelan people. Since its inception in 2007, has become Tves an alternative programming quality, committed to national values ??and aspiration for progress, justice and welfare of our people.
Venezolana de TV
LiveVTV or Corporación Venezolana de Televisión is a state-owned television network based in Caracas. The channel was launched in 1964. Its slogan is 'The channel of all Venezuelans'.
LiveVIVE TV is a state TV broadcaster, located in Caracas. It is funded by the Ministry of communication and information. It broadcasts cultural television. It was inaugurated in 2003.
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