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Educational TV channels
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Yoga in Daily life
LiveYoga in Daily life is an online television channel about yoga, spirituality, and the purpose of life. It was founded by His Holiness Vishwaguru Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, author of the internationally renowned Yoga in Daily Life System.
Canal Savoir
LiveCFTU-DT, UHF channel 29 (branded on-air as -Canal Savoir- or -Knowledge Channel-, is a French language educational independent television station located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was founded in 1986. Media Player is required to watch this channel.
Canal 4
LiveCanal 4 is the TV channel from the Autonomous University of Cali. The Institution of higher education, public utility, non-profit that is covering southwestern Colombia and the departments of Valle del Cauca, Cauca, Nari¤o, Caldas, Risaralda and Quindio.
BR Alpha
LiveBR Alpha offers educational programs from the Bayerischen Rundfunk based in München. BR is a member organization of the ARD consortium of public broadcasters in Germany. BR produces several series that are well known throughout Bavaria, and some of these are re-broadcast throughout other parts of Germany.
LiveNrwision is an Educational TV channel owned by the Media Authority of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Institute for Journalism at the University of Dortmund. It offers training and testing programs.
.Korea, South
YTN Science
LiveThis channel is the nation's first 24-hour operation of scientific broadcast. It offers technology and science based programming.
LiveRTV or TVMAS is the statewide public broadcaster serving the Mexican state of Veracruz. RTV was established in 1980 by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Veracruz as an Educational and Cultural Broadcasting production center.
NASA TV (education)
LiveNASA TV is the television service of the United States government agency NASA. The -Education Channel- provides space and science programming for schools, museums, and other educational institutions.
LiveSeattle Community Colleges TV (SCCTV) is a division of Seattle Community Colleges in Seattle, Washington. It offers mainly educational programming.
LiveUATV or University of Alaska Television Network broadcasts original programming in order to inspire learning, advance and disseminate knowledge, and emphasize the North and its diverse peoples.
LiveUniversity of California Television (UCTV) is a public-serving media outlet featuring programming from throughout the University of California, the nation's premier research university made up of ten campuses, three national labs and affiliated institutions. It was launched in 2000.
LiveWETN is a TV channel from Wheaton, Illinois, USA. It serves the Chicago area. The station is currently owned by The Trustees of Wheaton College. It provides Educational and Community shows.
CSTV Channel 19
LiveCSTV channel 19 is a community TV channel from the City of College Station. Channel 19 provides programming for the citizens of College Station and its surrounding community. It shows information on City Council and Planning & Zoning meetings, development projects, special events, job opportunities, and many other pertinent issues and notices.
LiveGMUTV is the TV channel from the George Mason University. Their studios and staff are located on the George Mason University Fairfax (virginia) campus. Media Player is required.
LiveKAMU (located in Brazos Valley, Texas) functions within the Educational Broadcast Services department of Texas A&M University in College Station. KAMU operates two television studios and two radio studios. KAMU's mission is to provide a universal educational opportunity to its citizenry
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